COMMENTS: Paris’ Taxi-Cab Confession, Mitt’s Faux Pas, Chick-Fil-A’s Fowl Dealings, And More

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!

“She has a point: The guys on Grindr are disgusting. And if you sleep around, you probably do have some STD, if not AIDS. The only thing she is wrong for is lumping all gay men together. Not all gay men are on grindr and not all gay men sleep around. Gay guys are no more horny than straight guys—it just seems like that because it’s two guys, instead of one guy and a girl.”

Dez defendsing Paris Hilton’s taxi-cab confessions, in Paris Hilton: Gay Guys on Grindr “Disgusting” And “Probably Have AIDS”



“1. Get the hell out of Oklahoma
2. Move to a different state such as California and reapply, get doctors letter then sue the hell out of oklahoma and the judge for discrimination.
3. Take this all to the highest level of appeals.”

“Every time Romney opens his mouth, his poll numbers drop a few points. After the debates with Obama, Romney will be polling 1%.”

hephaestion encourages Sen. Mitt Romney (right) to talk a wee bit more, in Romney Clinches Loss Before Election is Even Held. All He Had to Do Was Open His Mouth

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  • the other Greg

    I can’t believe you guys actually liked (?) Dez’s idiotic comment. Or is this like Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” which was sometimes Hitler or bin Laden?

    Dez – Queerty is sending you a medal in the mail for being such a pure and wholesome, straight-acting straight-aapearing fa**ot who’s too dumb to know know how to use a condom. We’re all so proud of you!

  • Dez

    @the other Greg: Sorry if my ‘idiotic’ comment offended you ‘the other Greg’- I’m guessing you’re active on Grindr? Perhaps I am wrong to assume that every guy on Grindr is just looking for quick, superficial sex- but I do believe that’s the case more often than not.
    I am not, and never claimed to be, ‘pure and wholesome’, (and I am definitely not ‘straight acting’ lol)- but I don’t think I have to be any of those things to have an opinion. And I don’t have to use a condom- because I’m monogamous!!- THAT, you can be proud of.

  • redspyder

    Dez states “She has a point: The guys on Grindr are disgusting” and follows it up with “The only thing she is wrong for is lumping all gay men together”. Pot, meet Kettle.

    The danger in dressing up the stupid and inane as “compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy” is that you give them validity. And no one needs another ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. No matter what Miss Seacrest says…

  • Dez

    My opinions do have validity, whether you like/agree with them or not. They may not be compelling or thought provoking, but I can give you bitchy.
    Is Grindr really like match.com for gay guys? Or more like find-a-dick.com?
    Like I said, maybe I’m wrong for assuming all the guys on Grindr are just looking for sex, but I don’t like how all gay guys are associated with something like Grindr.

  • the other Greg

    @Dez: No I’m not on Grindr – now in a relationship – but I think as long as Grindr guys use condoms for anal sex (and I realize not all do!), there’s no reason the rest of us should be pompous, prudish pr1cks and act superior to them. You’re confusing the issue which is the TYPE of sex act, not the quantity. I’m realistic and assume that not everyone male is well-suited to having a totally boring sexual time in their 20s and 30s like you probably did. At any rate, a couple can be HIV-positive or even sero-discordant, and still be monogamous. HIV is a totally separate issue from monogamy but people like you lo-o-o-ove to confuse the issue because it gives you a chance to brag.

    Is there a reason we’re all supposed to be proud of you for being monogamous? What heterosexuals are you trying to impress by bragging that you’re monogamous? Guess what, nobody gives a sh1t that you (or I for that matter) are monogamous.

    It’s funny that Paris Hilton sounded exactly like about one-quarter of the commenters on any Queerty HIV story. But at least she apologized and backtracked, while you guys go on & on with your endless hetero-normative project of demanding that the entire “Gay Community” bow down to you as exalted beings and acknowledge your moral superiority. To which some of us say – Go fuck yourself, you can’t get HIV that way either.

  • redspyder

    You made gross generalisations, lumping all guys on grindr as disgusting and stating that “if you sleep around you probably do have some STD, if not AIDS” – again, assuming all guys who sleep around do not practice safe sex.

    Those opinions do not have validity, because they are not provable.

    They are just opinions.

    I don’t object to your opinions.

    I object to them being described as compelling, thought provoking or downright bitchy.

    They’re not. They were gross generalisations that aren’t worth talking about over and over as if they actually HAD validity. And with that, Khloe, I’m changing the channel.

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