COMMENTS: Queer Politicians, Gay Pop Stars, And The Drag Race Final Three!

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!


“Freaking internet trolling. There’s nothing cute or funny about it. It’s just sick. And unsurprisingly, internet trolls are sick creeps in real life, too. It’s sad how the media that is rapidly replacing television and other more traditional forms of media, is such a hotbed of hate. If you put all internet trolls on the same island, they would immediately fight to the death, and the planet would probably be better off without them.”

BlackRockRitual is tired of internet homophobia in Bullies Created Facebook Hate Page For Iowa Teen Who Committed Suicide, Invited All His Friends


“I really would like for there to be a big male pop star, gay or not. I want to support Adam but his music just doesn’t grab me. It’s boring, manufactured commercial music with no personality. I just happen to like the music of female artists like Madonna and Gaga more. Their music is just more appealing to me than Adam’s. Madonna and Gaga work hard for what they have, rehearsing for hours and hours for their tours. You don’t hear them whining about how everyone is discriminating against them and being unfair to them. They just get on with their job.

For some reason a lot of male gay pop stars like to moan and whine. Boy George is another example. It’s just a big turn off to me. The only male pop star I really got into was George Michael. He is truly a talented songwriter, much more talented than Adam but unfortunately he got sidetracked by all his personal issues. Hope he makes another record.”

Tommy isn’t a big fan of Glambert, in Adam Lambert: The Gays Love Their Divas But It’s Hard Out There For Male Singers


“What do they mean they have not decided whether to pursue it as a hate crime?!?! Did they need him to die to take it seriously?? This is a problem all over. There needs to be zero tolerance for this crap. Hate crime, bullying or just plain assault. We put up with it so it goes on.”

Fox gives hate crime a kick in the butt in Victim Of Alleged Illinois State University Hate Crime Speaks Out To Local Television


“Proud to say I have the privilege of knowing Brian Sims, and yes he is very handsome but he’s also very driven and will make a great legislator. I would, however, like to point out that “Reagan-era Democrat” Babette Josephs was a champion of gay rights back when such a position was a huge risk for a lawmaker. She led HIV activism efforts in Pennsylvania, and is one of the main reasons the state doesn’t have an anti-gay marriage amendment on its constitution.

I’m proud of Brian, but Babette deserves credit for her decades of service to the gay community – not to be associated in print with the man who refused to acknowledge the AIDS crisis.”

Chris supports Brian Sims in PHOTOS: Brian Sims, Studly Ex-College Football Star, Will Become PA’s First Openly Gay State Legislator 


“It better be Sharon Needles, with Chad coming in 2nd. If Phi Phi doesn’t come in last, I’m going to throw the remote at the TV and vow never to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race again!!”

It’s not hard to understand who XAK wants to see win, in QUESTION: Upon Which Queen Will RuPaul Bestow The #DragRace Crown?