COMMENTS: Remembering Madonna’s “Sex”, Matt Bomer’s Kryptonite, And Mitt Romney Reach-Arounds

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!


Matt Bomer wasn’t cast because he looks NOTHING like a superhero, especially one in the frame of Superman, the most iconic superhero of all time. And I doubt most of the lame-brain Midwesterners who go to see these types of movies are aware of anything outside of their little suburban bubble, let alone that Bomer is gay.”
, in Matt Bomer Wasn’t Denied Superman’s Cape Because He’s Gay, Says Source


“Thankfully polls are not real votes. I actually kind of wish that demoralizing polls were not reported on before the voting is all said and done. —DarkZephyr, in Battlefield Report: The Latest Marriage-Equality Poll Numbers From Washington State Don’t Look So Good

“Well, I kinda sorta maybe want to vote for Romney. But just like him actually supporting gay rights, it will never happen.”
, in Mitt Romney Kinda Sorta Maybe Supports Gay Rights


“I wonder how many more deals Romney will have to make with more of his own staff dismissing rape as “a gift from God” and “something that was destined to happen.”

How people can keep defending these people is beyond belief. How any intelligent people can put up a cogent argument for anyone of any moral stature to vote for them is treasonous.”
, in Log Cabin GOPs Deny Secret ENDA Deal With Romney In Exchange For Endorsement


“I do think it was important at the time—a sort of corrective to the AIDS-era sex-negative zeitgeist. She opened up the discussion as well as her legs.

However, I also think there was a more than your standard grade of Madonna narcissism involved in this enterprise. She judged — correctly — that her body would never look that good again. Those tits and that ass were like sculpted works of arts—she was at her physical apex. So why not kill several birds with one stone—something for the art lovers, the cultural theorists, the dirty mac brigadeand most imortantly her amore propre.

LOL, Vanilla fuckin’ Ice!!!?”

—Prince of Snarkness, in PHOTOS: 20 Years On, Madonna’s “Sex” Book Still Pushes Boundaries