COMMENTS: Schooling Kirk Cameron, Teasing Adam Lambert, Voting Republican, And More!

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!


“Really, the one thing that God does not approve? Well, in the VERY SAME book of the Old Testament, Leviticus, God says it is an abomination to: eat split-hoof animals [pigs, swine], improper blood drained animals [non-Kosher], fish and creatures of the sea without scales and gils [shrimp, clams, lobsters], clothing materials of two-blends [cotton/silk, wool/polyester, etc]. And in those passages, men who sleep with men as with women. But there is NO PROHIBITION of women sleeping with women.But, those are Jewish/Mosaic [laws of Moses] to be followed by Jews, Muslims for those portions of the Old Testament or also in the Quaran. And those are the laws that Jesus put to rest with his new Christian faith.

The messenger misspeaks. Christians are followers of the words of Jesus, not Moses and not Paul, but Jesus. And Jesus NEVER spoke about men sleeping with men as with women. But Jesus had plenty to say about divorce, remarriage and adultery — all SINS all the time.

Fool yourself all you want, just as the false prophets of the so-called Christians, all you want. But you will not fool Jesus that you failed his teachings, jumping on the safe bandwagon of bashing the gays while ignoring Jesus’ own teachings about marriage and not divorce, not remarriage and not committing adultery.”

Mike in Ashville gets biblical on our asses in Has-Been Sitcom Star Kirk Cameron Calls Gays “Destructive” In CNN Interview

“That’s rather sad. Remember that female friend of yours who will go to the bars with you will likely be a positive force in your life longer than the trick you take home for one night.”

“That amount of money wouldn’t even cover his make up bill.”

Andrew makes snarky sport of the pricey pop star in Lawsuit: Adam Lambert Won’t Get Out Of Bed For Less Than $500,000

“Being really into Japanese bondage porn, I like the theme. But as others mention, that poster is probably hotter than anything found at the Black Party.”

HoHo gives us a little TMI regarding his take on The “Asian Underworld” Theme At This Year’s Black Party Is Definitely Not Racist. Nope. Nosiree!

Errol Flynn (with or without tights), James Dean (*swoon*) Brando (pre-buttery butt-bang era), Tarzan or anyone in a loincloth (not Gandhi, obviously).

But, topping my list, because his sad soulful beauty is almost enough to make me cry, is Montgomery Clift.  (Hands off bitches that corpse is all mine!)

Prince of snides aka divkid give us his picks for old-school celebrity hotties in Hollywood Hustler Scotty Bower Dishes On Gay Trysts With Cary Grant, James Dean, Spencer Tracy And Others

“So she intends to stop doing business with openly gay people? All right then, to that I say:

Style your OWN hair, bitch.
Arrange your OWN damn flowers, bitch.
Decorate your OWN damn house, bitch.
Score, write the book, produce and direct your OWN musicals, bitch.
Design your OWN clothes, bitch.
Gentrify your OWN decaying urban neighborhoods, bitch.
Win your OWN damn Olympic medals in figure skating, bitch.
Choreograph your OWN damn ballets, bitch.

Oh, I could go on and on. But what I REALLY want to say is this: go on and keep living in your sad, creepy, little confined space and life. Someday, a lot sooner than you realize, the vast majority of people are going to recognize you for the small-minded, viscious, scared little person you are. When it’s all said and done, I feel sorry for her. Maybe no one’s ever loved her.”

Rob Morris responds to a call for a bigoted ban in Woman “Disturbed” By Gay Jeopardy Winner, Calls Him “Creepy”

“I’m in an open primary state and I had intended to vote for Santorum. I really don’t think he’ll get the nomination so it wasn’t to make him the eventual opponent but to prolong Romney’s agony, hopefully leading to a brokered, contentious Republican Convention that will have him coming out of the gate weakened, with many Republicans refusing to vote for him in the general election.

But I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Santorum under any circumstances. If, though some unholy mix of circumstances he did become the candidate and even worse won, I couldn’t stand the idea that I would have done anything to make to happen.”