COMMENTS: The Atlantis Cruise Couple, Dustin Lance Black, And The Day Disco Died

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!


“Donna Summer was a staple in my music collection for 35 years in many formats; 8 track tape, 45s, LPs, cassettes, CDs and mp3s… She was in many ways a soundtrack to my life in the ’70s and ’80s. Thanks for all the dancing Ms. Summers…”

Urethra Franklin, dancing the last dance, in BREAKING: Disco Legend Donna Summer Dead At 63


“Why are we so quick to jump down the throats of those in our own community? We applaud heterosexual starlets for coming out in favor of Obama’s recently announced ‘change of heart’ on marriage equality (as if he wasn’t personally supportive all along), but berate men like Dustin Lance Black. I do not get it!

He’s a well-spoken and passionate individual, and if any gay man is expected to speak for us in Hollywood,  I sure as hell am glad it’s him! A series of sex pics have no bearing on that. In fact, I think it’s kind of cool that the man Hollywood runs to for an opinion on gay-anything is one who is undoubtedly sexual.”

DenverBarbie doesn’t get the backlash  against the screenwriter-activist, in EXCLUSIVE: Dustin Lance Black Calls Obama’s Marriage Statement “Brave,” “Possibly Dangerous”

“When will these Republican women realize that ‘fag hag’ is the way to go if you want a following. Women who hate gays are the lowest form of scum. Men have to deal with that BS machismo stuff they’re programmed with as soon as they’re born, but women have been our allies for years. You would think people like Bristol would look at people like Lady Gaga and see the way the gay community creams over her and would want a piece of that fanbase for herself. McCain’s daughter is a Republican and only a few years older than Bristol yet she is a friend to the gays.”

Ty explains the importance of the straight female ally, in Did Bristol Palin Diss Obama’s Marriage Statement To Promote Her Own Reality Show?


“Do you even realize that in some jurisdictions in the U.S., you could have been convicted of a crime that would require you to register as a sex offender? Truthfully, I see y’all as being very lucky.

I’m sure the experience was traumatic and frightening and I doubt you did it with the intention of harming anyone and believe some of it was motivated by ‘shock value.’ But, still, you’ve emerged relatively unscathed, especially when you consider what could have happened. Oh and if you don’t already, keep the blinds at your house closed for Chrissake. I wish the two of you the best and hopefully your next 17 years together are uneventful.”

LaTeesha gives us a piece of her mind, in EXCLUSIVE: Gay Couple Arrested On Atlantis Events Cruise Tell Their Side Of The Story


“As a former high school teacher, proud of my work with all students, I believe she must be removed from the classroom [and] lose her job and benefits. This is inexcusable and immoral and such an individual has no business in the classroom. Good teachers all over are fighting the perception that we do nothing of value, that we are paid too much, and that tenure protects the unfit. This incident only adds support to those allegations. She must be fired.”

A zero-tolerance policy for teachers is what Mikel D McGrew suggests, in PA Teacher Videotapes, Humiliates Gay Student Who Took Trans Date To Prom


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  • DenverBarbie

    Queerty, when are you just going to break down and hire me already? Geez louise!

  • meh0907

    I cannot believe that Mr. Black has so blindly jumped on Obamas’s bandwagon with so many others. It is so very clear that Obama is using us gays yet again. Open your eyes folks. Don’t be stupid. America is waking up. Even conservatives are coming around to understand that we must have the civil right to partnership and marry. Don’t be fooled.

  • Larry

    @meh0907: I hear a lot of whining but I do not hear any solutions…what do you suggest…we vote for romney? or waste a vote on a third party and hand it to romney? we in the gay community have lots of bitches but instead of complaints how about some solutions

  • Bill

    It stands to reason in the world of politics, President Obama played his cards the way he sees as having the most impact. While many think he is “using” us gays just remember that he still put his re election somewhat at a risk for coming out in favor of same sex MARRIAGE! It will be in his second term where he will have the ability to strike down DOMA. Lord knows it will get tied up in the court system for years though. Face it, he has done more for the gay community than any other president. THAT IS A FACT!

  • Alexi3

    @Larry: I agree with you one hundred percent. Has Obama been perfect? No. Is he the first US President to affirm gay marriage? Yes. Is that a big deal? You bet it is. Vote Romney into the White House and hand control of the Senate to the Republicans and see how quickly your rights move forward.

  • ChristopherM

    @meh0907: bullshit. He has public ally supported our issues, the other guy hasn’t. He can pander as much as he wants as long as he is on our side. Other minority groups understand that is how politics work. Why you don’t is beyond me.

  • Jorval


    What planet do you live on?!?

    Back up your claim.

    NAME ONE GOP 2012 Presidential candidate that is “coming around”. Just one.

    And let’s see….the choice is keep the person who supports you (but chances are he won’t be able to do anything for you) or vote in the one that hates you.

    Yet another reincarnated Jew for Hitler. Keep voting those who hate you in!

  • Callum

    I have put up with years of advertisements from Atlantis Cruises simply because I thought supporting a Gay Business was a good thing. All of their venues are presented as hedonistic adventures, having a great time with un-clad or underclad under 30 year old boy toys. They have also promoted the lodging as being gay only and the locations as being gay welcoming. Now, thanks to the two exposed clothing challenged lovers, we all find that Atlantis has been blowing smoke up our assorted gay and lesbian orifices all these years. We could probably find a more fulfilling and safer gay adventure at a straight Montana dude ranch. Gotta just love them ‘straight’ cowboys!

  • Phoenix28

    I am really surprised by all the Atlantis comments. I was going to book a cruise with them. However, after this story…I will not. I agree these guys were wrong and tacky! However… you cannot market a cruise as trolly and then have idiots being subjected to 14 yrs in prison for being drunk and trolly!!?? Are these guys idiots…sure! Should they spend that kind of time in another county in prison for it… NO! I am sure, had they gotten the newsletter that this county had anti-sodomy laws…they would have thought twice even WITH a buzz! I have seen crazier shit than that at event weekends in the states…. Southern Decandence still makes me want a shot of penicillin just for being there!!! I do think that when a cruise is marketed like this it should not visit countries with laws like this. Shit…I went on a family Carnival cruise and could not get away from seeing staight people fucking EVERYWHERE in the common areas after 2 am!!?? I never called the police…

  • the other Greg

    Obama had a slow start. That first year or so was weird, he seemed to have Kumbaya hopes, always “compromising,” sucking up to the Rick Warren types and all that. The past couple of years have been much better and he seems to be getting the hang of it. Lots of practical accomplishments. And yeah, I’m “better off than I was four years ago” (financially and culturally/legally) so I’ll send his campaign a little of my beer money.

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