rainbow rescue

Community rallies around queer-friendly church after it gets defaced by homophobic vandals

“God’s doors are open to all,” reads a set of rainbow-colored doors outside United Church of Christ in Kansas City, Missouri.

Apparently, a church preaching God’s love and acceptance managed to strike a nerve with some of the less Christ-like followers.

Neighbors awoke Thursday morning to find the doors had been vandalized with “PERVS” written across five of the doors and “REPENTANCE” on the sixth (the latter of which is written hastily, as if the vandal didn’t realize they were going to run out of letters in “PERVS”).

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They also covered over the “to all” of the message, because their version of heaven is apparently an exclusive club with St. Peter bouncing folks at the gates.

The city’s mayor quickly took to Twitter to publicly condemn the defacing, tweeting: “This is disgusting and has no place in Kansas City.”

It wasn’t long before the surrounding community was out in force, ready to remedy this aggression against the queer community.

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Local citizens, including the family behind local business Switzer Brothers Painting and all five of their children, came out in full to help cover up the offending words and restore the bright colors of the display.

In just a few hours, the chromatic church piece was restored to its former glory:

No matter how much homophobes try to cover up the queer community, it’s clear that their hate is in the minority.