Company Creates Butt-Enhancing Underwear That’s Like A Wonderbra For Your Booty

According to the Daily Mail, a recent survey revealed that Channing Tatum “has the bottom that most men desire.”

Setting aside the double meaning of that sentence, it’s not exactly news that even straight guys would like an ass that turns heads. But sometimes all the squats in the world just won’t help.

That’s where D. Hedral‘s lift-and-separate underwear comes in: Pick your waist size (S, M or L) and the size of your booty, and the website calculates what pair of briefs will grant you a tush Beckham would envy. (At $28-$45 dollars, these are more first-date undies than everyday wear.)

The “secret” is a Y-shaped angle-fit seam in the fabric that provide perkiness and contouring. The wideness of the angle is dependent on how much junk there is in your trunk: You can choose 135° for a “slim” derriere, 115° for a medium one, or 95° for a “full” rump.

Just be sure not to put them on backwards—that could cause a whole new set of problems.

Photos: D. Hedral