Company Creates Butt-Enhancing Underwear That’s Like A Wonderbra For Your Booty

According to the Daily Mail, a recent survey revealed that Channing Tatum “has the bottom that most men desire.”

Setting aside the double meaning of that sentence, it’s not exactly news that even straight guys would like an ass that turns heads. But sometimes all the squats in the world just won’t help.

That’s where D. Hedral‘s lift-and-separate underwear comes in: Pick your waist size (S, M or L) and the size of your booty, and the website calculates what pair of briefs will grant you a tush Beckham would envy. (At $28-$45 dollars, these are more first-date undies than everyday wear.)

The “secret” is a Y-shaped angle-fit seam in the fabric that provide perkiness and contouring. The wideness of the angle is dependent on how much junk there is in your trunk: You can choose 135° for a “slim” derriere, 115° for a medium one, or 95° for a “full” rump.

Just be sure not to put them on backwards—that could cause a whole new set of problems.

Photos: D. Hedral

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  • kayo

    Channing Tatum has an OK ass.

  • Chris

    @kayo: I am sure he was waiting for your opinion, he must be devastated that you feel it is only OK, as I am sure Mr. Tatum’s entire sense of self worth revolves around the opinion of a commenter that goes by Kayo.

  • Bossip

    Damn can’t kayo just give his opinion? His ass Is just ok

  • Mike

    @Chris: Wow, that’s a strong perfume. Is that eau de bitch?

  • what?

    @Chris: you can’t even tell what he means by that comment. he didn’t even say “JUST ok.”

  • James

    LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!!! someones got a serious hardon for Mr. Tatum and is willing to go down on that ship!!!! Hoist the BITCH FLAG and weigh anchor girls were in for a rough rider. WOOooooo!!!!

  • nineinchnail

    Having seen Channing Tatum’s naked ass in Magic Mike I can say it’s one rocking ass.

  • Ass Man

    I haven’t yet had the pleasure of seeing Channing Tatum’s ass, but he’s already so hot that it doesn’t even matter…and I’m an ass man. That face, those lips, that voice, that chest. I’d give my next paycheck just to rub his feet. Word.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Since when do gay men _wear_ underwear?
    (especially, with any kind of pants that would show off what is under them)

  • Native NYker

    This sounds like a god send for those of us who aren’t genetically gifted! LOL

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • B

    This guy should cross license his design with Andrew Christian’s package-enhancing underwear designs (or whatever he calls them). If you need help in the front, you might need it in the back as well, or at least think you do!

    Personally, I’d prefer to have a nice ass due to getting lots of exercise. While the wisecrack is that this avoids any disappointments (and “wilting”) when someone finally sees the goods, the exercise is actually good for your health.

  • Rockery


    Agreed!! Channing’s body, ass and most of all his dancing was the ONLY reason to watch that clunker of a movie,with NO story line. His dancing made me wake up! If they do magic mike 2 they better give long sequences of him, as naked as possible, and put the rest of the actors way in the back


    “Gosh” he hot and know it!! M`m M`m

  • Pogo Bock

    Huh huh huh huh, you said “wise crack.” Huh huh huh huh.

  • cray-cray

    Nahhh I’ll keep trying with silicone implants and injections of methacrylate

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