Completely Obvious News Of The Day: Gays Less Violent!

Enola Gay

A team of British researchers for The University of East London have found that gay men are less violent than their straight counterparts. The findings will be printed in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences. Among the “shocking revelations:”

It concludes that gay men are no less aggressive than straight men, but tend to vent their aggression verbally rather than physically. It also indicates that homosexual men are likely to have higher levels of empathy than heterosexuals.

Well, duh, we coulda’ told you that. Of course, anyone who’s happened upon two queens mid girl-fight knows that the venting of the “verbal aggression” is far scarier than any straight guy fist fight. Still, next time these researchers do a “groundbreaking” study like this, maybe they should just email us instead for a quick answer. Just send us what grant money you would’ve spent in cases of red wine.

Gay Men Are Less Violent
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