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  • Ponyboy

    He’s still too skinny dammit!

  • fuzzy

    Wait, Jason Momoa is Conan? Heh, nice. He looks good without those dreads he had on SGA. I like him better with a beard, though.

  • Ogre Magi

    Better looking than Arnold

  • Black Pegasus


  • Nick

    I’m disappointed I cannot see his package.

  • adamblast

    It was simply unforgivable that he kept his shirt on for all those years on Stargate Atlantis. It’s nice to see such a wrong being righted at last.

  • Brian

    I want to enjoy these kinds of movies, but…
    I loathe this collective admiration and relation that straight american men find in movies like ‘300’, because apparently, their ALL ‘real men’ just like the ones portrayed in the movie.

    Yet, I’ve not seen a single one of these characters in real life.
    Because you see, there’s a difference between wielding a sword against an army, and twiddling your damn fingers over a video game controller until 4am. It’s fantasy vs. reality.

    I watched ‘300’ in a film class and I simply stated that the movie was extraordinarily embellished in it’s portrayal of war as something “cool” and “noble”. I was immediately branded a sissy and a fag…
    But none of it bothered me, because every one of em’ was at least 50 pounds heavier in fat than me, and the guy sitting next to me had “learned everything I know from Zelda” according to his t-shirt.

    What’s ironic is that I myself have been ding martial arts and weightlifting for four years, but I never let it get to my head, and I certainly won’t define my masculinity by something as vulnerable as physical strength. These movies are a psychological erection for young men who know nothing about strength.

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