Conchita Wurst's Has the Perfect Answer to the Ice Bucket Challenge Craze

Conchita Wurst ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This whole ALS ice bucket challenge thing is getting a little out of control, don’cha think? We write one article about a famous drag queen doing it and then another one does it, then another one… and another… and another… and…

Conchita Wurst, however, has the perfect response to this viral bandwagon craze. Watch her ALS ice bucket challenge video below to find out her answer to the challenge.

Are we the only ones who are getting tired of this challenge? We’re sorry, but to any other drag queen that decides to take on this challenge after this are, our coverage of this challenge stops here. (Unless of course mother Ru joins jumps on the bandwagon.)

For those of you who don’t know the name of the last person she challenged to do this next, Jean Paul Gaultier, then you have to check out Conchita’s fashion runway debut from July.