Have a Question for Conchita Wurst? Here's How You Can Personally Ask Her.

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If you’ve ever wanted to ask Conchita Wurst a question, today could be your lucky day! The 25-year-old Eurovision winner has launched a new web series called ‘Conchita Answers,’ in which will be answering questions submitted by her fans.

The first episode of ‘Conchita Answers’ debuted today, in which she answers the questions “Schläfst du und isst du genug?”… which, for those of you who don’t speak German, is translated into English as “Do you sleep and eat enough?”

Although she answers the question in German, she does provide a transcript in the video description of what she is saying. If you speak German, you should easily be able to understand the video below, but for the majority of you who don’t, here is what she provides as a transcript:

[quote]I think it’s incredibly nice when so many people worry about my health or if I sleep enough or eat enough. Thanks for asking… Yes I do! Sometimes that’s the point where women don’t like me because I actually eat anything and at any time of the day – or the night. And I can eat as much as I like. 🙂

“So, yes, I eat enough! 🙂 And basically I also sleep enough, although I sometimes have times where I sleep only four hours per night and that’s enough, and then there are days where I could sleep for 13 hours… nights … days! :-)”[/quote]

Also, if you’d like to ask Conchita a question, you can submit it in the comments of the video page on YouTube. Let us know if she answers your question!

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