Conchita Wurst Covers the Life Ball 2015 Poster Dressed In Gold

The new artwork for Life Ball 2015 has been unveiled and Conchita Wurst has been revealed to be this year’s golden poster model!

Conchita appears as Gustav Klimt’s iconic “Golden Adele” in an image by star photographer Ellen von Unwerth. Gold is Life Ball’s costume theme for this year and we think Conchita wears it beautifully. The curly hair is a new look for her, but her eyes are still just as captivating.

Life Ball Poster 2015 PräsentationThe 2015 Life Ball posters will be on display for a short period of time in large format on the streets of Vienna, and cast in gold on a medallion by Austrian Mint.

“The three posters are thought-provoking not because of targeted, calculated provocation, but because of subtle allusions and wordplay,” says the 2015 Life Ball release. “They communicate the important message of the Life Ball 2015: Change is possible and outstanding personalities like Conchita and visionaries like Gustav Klimt prove this. They not only hold a mirror to society, but they also rise from being a ‘persona non grata’ to a ‘national sanctuary’.”

Conchita’s gold dress, which is embroidered with over 12,000 Swarovski crystals and 0.5kg of pearls and painted with 2.5kg of gold color, was made in about 1,250 working hours by the Life Ball Team and Life Ball Angels from the Fashion School Herbststraße in Vienna.

“Being able to wear this art piece of a dress felt sensational,” says Conchita Wurst. Then, speaking fondly of the photographer: “I love Ellen! I knew a few of her works and was incredibly excited to meet her. What a great women.”

Freedom grows where rules break. Acceptance is a daughter of freedom. Homeland of great daughtersons.

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