Conchita Wurst Discusses Her Post-Eurovision Debut Album

Conchita Wurst Eurovision Song Contest 2014 winner debut album featured image

In a new interview with, Conchita Wurst discusses, among other things, her debut solo album following her 2014 Eurovision win.

Watch the full interview below.

Here’s what Conchita had to say about the status of the album:

“I’m not good when it comes to writing songs. You know I really need people who are more talented then me in this particular case. I got some very good stuff and now we’re selecting, we’re trying out, we’re changing keys and doing this and that and trying a different style. This what we do and I really take this time to deliver something good because now I have some more people that I could disappoint, so I don’t want to disappoint anybody. I still got the chance to deliver something good after winning Eurovision. You know what I mean? Because I could have won and produced a quick album of cover songs and, you know, just to earn quick money. That’s just not the way I roll.
“I want to do an album for sure. I need to have an album at first for myself because I’m doing music in the public eye since 2007 and I haven’t managed to record a full album on my own. This is what I need to do, but I also love fashion. You know? And if there’s one day a good opportunity – a great chance, a good collaboration – of course I would do it. For now, it’s music.”

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