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Condi Rice’s Explanation For Why She’s Never Married Does Little To Shoot Down Those Lesbian Rumors

On the one hand, telling Piers Morgan that she’s “come close” to getting married before might help eschew some of those rumors that her lesbianism was enough to derail her chances at being George W. Bush’s vice presidential pick. Something about reportedly owning a home with lady friend, television producer Randy Bean? But then Rice tells Morgan, “the fact is I’ve never found anybody that I want to spend my life with, but I think it’s a wonderful thing, marriage,” and we immediately jump on her word choice. “Anybody,” rather than “a man.”

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  • randy

    Let’s see….she’s a female, black, Republican, and lesbian…..does it get any better than that?! Personally, she can fuck sheep for all I care.

  • Baxter

    In the middle ages, an unmarried woman might have to fight off rumors that she’s a witch. Now she just has to fight off lesbian rumors. Look how far we’ve come!

  • FederalSignal

    I really don’t care who or what she sleeps with – I am more concerned with her continued statements regarding the Iraq war. This woman apparently is still owned by the Bush empire! She has and never will be able to think or speak for herself. So, if she finds a person to settle down with – all the luck to that person – female or male because that person is in for a hell of a ride! She’s a total mess and completely disconnected from Americans! I’m just relieved she is no longer in power – well I mean “official” power!

  • Tessie Tura

    Whoever said “black don’t crack” ain’t seen this interview. Gurl need to MOISTURIZE.

  • dvlaries

    Yeah, in this case, I’m never gonna demand ‘pics or she’s straight.’

  • Scott

    I fucking love this bitch. Condy 2012!

  • Goodnight Moon

    i call dyke. deffo.

  • missanthrope

    She’s probably so far back in the closet she doesn’t know what she is.

  • Chitown Kev

    @Tessie Tura:

    I don’t come here that much anymore but that was funny.

  • alan brickman

    she’s hawt and play piano..nice

  • thematics

    Wait, I thought Condi was doing GWBush whilst in the White House? Old rumor??

    You always saw Condi at meetings with Gee-Dub and they socialized; Hillary and Barack seem to stay a minumum of 1000 feet away from each other unless it’s a huge photo opp.

  • Anon

    and we immediately jump on her word choice. “Anybody,” rather than “a man.” ,

    why? being single/unmarried does not equal gay. what a strange supposition. Why slander her with that allegation?

  • Bob


    Why is calling someone gay ‘slander’? Is being gay a bad thing? You know that you are writing this on ‘Queerty’ where we celebrate being gay; so calling her gay is a ‘compliment’.

  • Hyhybt

    @thematics: Didn’t she even call Bush her husband at one point?

  • the crustybastard

    OK, now you might not know it to look at her, but she’s a hellcat.


    /I pity me

  • Oli

    Oh for God’s sake. Of all the things to ask her about. It really is just because she’s a woman. Piers needs a slap.

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