Condo Board Cites Sexuality In Rejecting Gay Couple

We know there are homophobes out and about, but few as brazen as the board at Miami’s Tower 41 Condominium.

Despite that fact that he’s got amazing credit, a good job and a demure personality, the board members still denied Steven Bloomfield an apartment.

Well, no, they originally gave it to him and his live-in boyfriend, Jose Gonzalez, but then retracted their offer three-days before the move in date.

When asked Bloomfield’s lawyer asked for an explanation, the Tower’s secretary whispered, “It’s two men…. Residents are conservative.”

Bloomfield obviously wasn’t happy and now he and his lawyers plan on suing for “humiliation, mental distress, emotional distress, embarrassment, shame, worry, and frustration.”

Curiously enough, when Bloomfield was touring the building, his guide asked him whom he would be living with. Bloomfield said “a friend,” but the guide didn’t seem convinced and asked for pictures of the men. Perhaps he was looking for “gay face.”

Regardless, the building’s found itself in a pickle. Not only could this case cost them dough, but they’re most likely not going to thrive in homo-heavy Miami Beach. We’ve said it before: discrimination doesn’t pay.