Condom Bill Breaks In California Senate, Adult Industry Free To Go Bare For Now

imagesCondoms in porn is a touchy subject (or lack of touchy subject as it were). We have to wonder if the same people advocating for legally requiring condoms to be used in all adult entertainment ever secretly type that “b” word when they’re closing the deal on a dimly lit date with their right hands.

We aren’t trying to say safe sex practices aren’t important — of course they are — but forcing a layer of latex over the private parts of consenting professionals? Not sure that’s going to get us to an HIV-free world.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) disagrees, however. They recently backed Assembly Bill 1576 in the California Senate which would require condoms in all porn production. There’s already a law to the same effect in Los Angeles, which along with Disney Channel Movies is also a big producer of X-rated features.

The California Senate Appropriations Committee has effectively killed any chance of the bill ever even reaching a vote though, saying the budget required to enforce it is nonexistent.

AHF has vowed to introduced a similar bill next year, and you can bet they’ll remain vigilant as ever.

But for now, skin-to-skin friction remains a thing of the present in web browsers the world over.

AHF is currently fighting in Nevada over a complaint the organization filed with OSHA claiming Kink employees were exposed to bodily fluids that spread HIV.

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