“Condom Olympics” And “Queer Prom” Touch Down At Nation’s Oldest Private Military Academy

Ah, the hallowed traditions of Gay Pride! Lip-synching for your life, lube-wrestling competitions, aren’t they just wonderful?

Now that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” has been repealed for over six months, the raunchier aspects of LGBT culture are starting to come out at military academies.

Over at Norwich University, the nation’s oldest private military academy, the AP reports that this week has been declared Gay Pride week.

Yesterday, cadets participated in “sessions about handling bullying and harassment.” To come later in the week: “Queer Prom” and “Condom Olympics,” the latter of which the AP does not describe in detail.

We imagine it involves seeing who can roll them most condoms onto bananas in a minute? Come to think of it, that could be helpful for overseas combat, couldn’t it?

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  • Mikel D McGrew

    I think the condom olympics will be a contest to see who can make the most charming balloon animal from a blown up condom. Much more whimsical than slipping one on a banana – heck, they can practice that on each other!

  • Tone

    You wouldn’t believe the fantasies that rolled around in my head when I was fourteen and reading those military academy ads in the back of National Geographic. There was always this one in particular for Fork Union Academy with a picture of a cadet smiling from ear to ear. Yeah buddy I’ll give ya something to smile about. Even I never pictured myself wrestling with him in an inflatable pool filled with lube though. But oh to be that young and horny again.

    Kudos to this school for dragging itself into present time with such flair!

  • Timmmeeeyyy

    Since you don’t even know what the condom olympics entails, please explain how “sessions about handling bullying and harassment,” “Queer Prom” and “Condom Olympics” are the “raunchier aspects of LGBT culture.”

  • Timmmeeeyyy

    You provided a youtube video link to lube wrestling, which has absolutely nothing to do with Norwich University’s LGBT week. Why are you trying to create controversy where there is none, expect to maybe increase your web hits through salacious (but false) rumors?

  • Fred

    What a joke.

    The military is not some sort of frat have respect for this country. If you want to have “condom olympics” or gay pride week go to college not the military.

  • Just Curious

    Speaking of accessories. So, what about the gay female cadets? Do they get to have either the “Dental Dam Games” or the “Dildo Olympics” or both?

  • Just being real

    I agree Fred. They’re also treating GLBT people as though we’re a total joke, and making a mockery out of GLBT pride events. Safer sex is good but it’s 2012 and you should know all about it by now.

  • Timmmeeeyyy

    @Just being real:
    “Safer sex is good but it’s 2012 and you should know all about it by now.”

    18-22 year olds don’t simply grow up with an innate knowledge of proper condom use or disease prevention (especially with the abstinence only programs being taught in many high schools). Colleges, universities, and the military have long histories of sex education programs (haven’t you seen the 1950’s instructional films?). Activities like the Condom Olympics teach both men and women, gay and straight about proper use of contraceptives to avoid pregnancy and disease. It’s the responsible thing to do.

    Regarding the Condom Olympics, I don’t know what this one will entail, but they usually include things like a quiz on facts and myths of condom use, training on negotiating condom use with a partner, and relay/skill lessons that reinforce the proper way to use a condom. The exercises get young adults comfortable with condoms, so when it is time to actually use one, they have one with them, know how to properly use it, when to use it, what sort of lubricants they can use with it, and how to insist on condom use with a partner.

  • twiterosG

    i thought the condom Olympics involve making the condom as large as possible

  • Andy

    Wow, looks like the RNC has taken over the comments.

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