Confessions From A Madonna Tour

Madonna on tour

Yes, yes, we love our Madonna around here, and we’re not going to defend ourselves. Especially not after the murmurs emanating from Los Angeles since the weekend, when Madge’s Confessions Tour kicked off with final dress rehearsels and the tour opener last night at The Forum — complete with a “Like A Virgin” rendition, which that lady swore she’d never perform again.

It also turns out those rumors about the giant disco crucifixion of Madonna were actually true! And not only does she hang from the cross, she also wears the crown of thorns.

And if the religious imagery weren’t enough, the queen of pop is also re-introducing us to S&M since she took a break from it in the 90s by ball-gagging her male dancers.

And if THAT weren’t enough, she incorporates lyrics about Bush sucking cock while showing slides of him and Hitler. Or something. We find the verbal account a bit tedious, but I’m sure it all comes together live. Maybe?

Our girl Molly at MollyGood has some shots from the tour you’ve hopefully snagged tickets too. (But with all her extended dates, why couldn’t you?) Meanwhile, some unauthorized footage straight from the pop queen’s stage somehow made its way to the web, but we’re putting that after the jump so you aren’t too tempted to spoil the tour’s surprises.

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