Confessions From Married Gay Men May Make You Think Twice Before Exercising New Rights

Have you heard the good news? Gays can get married in all 50 states!

But just because we can do something doesn’t necessarily mean we should.

We wanted to hear about gay married life straight (so to speak) from the source — the good, bad and ugly.

Here’s what Whisper dug up:

My biggest secret is that I'm a married man and I still haven't come out yet. My parents think he's my roommate.

My dad finally accepted the fact that I was gay and he welcomed my husband into the family almost after a year. My heart is happy :)

I'm a married gay man and I don't understand why other gay couples have

I love my husband so much. He's forever been the guy who's always there for me. I couldn't be any luckier.

I'm gay and proud, married with two adopted kids. My parents didn't support me at first but now they do and fully understand.

I'm gay and I send dirty pics to guys on snapchat and I kind of feel bad because my husband has no idea.

So tired of being married and attracted to every guy but my husband and there's nothing I can do. No one wants to talk to a married gay guy.

I'm gay and married to my college sweetheart. He's my best friend and it's been 7 years.  I love him but the sexual chemistry is gone. I dream of a knight in shining armor.

I'm gay and married and happy. I just wish that I had more gay friends.

I'm gay and went to a Christian school. I honestly cannot wait for my 10 year reunion with my husband by my side.

Sometimes I wish I could have sex with someone else other than my husband. We're gay and have been together for many years.

My husband goes out to gay saunas for sex.  I've been with him before but it's starting to grind on my nerves now.  Time for a break I think.

Gay marriage sucks... my husband won't allow me to buy whatever I want at Costco.

I got kicked out when I was 16 for being gay. My mom said I would never marry or have kids. Me and my husband are expecting our first baby this summer.

I wish I could spend more time with my husband but I have to work a lot to provide for us.

Apparently my husband has been emailing other guys for sex. Who knows, maybe gay men just shouldn't be monogamous

My husband and I recently became friends with another young gay couple. I'd love to fool around with them sometime

I'm gay & I'm married and it's pretty fucked up how my husband & I cheat on eachother. I'm so tired of it already. It's a strange love!!! :/