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Confirmed: NYC Pride will also rise up against President Trump

Earlier this month, we reported that the LA Pride parade has been officially cancelled to make way for a march protesting Donald Trump.

Now we’ve learned NYC Pride will also be shaking up its routine to include resistance groups at the very front of the parade.

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“I’m extremely proud of the people who came out to raise their voices about this,” says Ken Kidd, the lead organizer who fought tirelessly to get the resistance groups into a highly visible position in the parade.

According to Gay City Newsthe Sirens Women’s Motorcycle Club of New York City will lead the parade (as they have since 1986), followed by the yet-to-be-announced grand marshals, the Heritage of Pride float, and then the resistance groups, which include members of Rise + Resist, ACT Up, United Thru Action, Gays Against Guns, and other organizations.

After some pushback from Heritage of Pride at a general meeting, members of these resistance groups made it abundantly clear that they’d be participating in the parade with or without HOP’s blessing.

“Our current march route is at capacity,” said Sue Doster, head of strategic planning for HOP. “You can’t add a half million people to that march and keep it safe for everyone.”

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Cathy Marino-Thomas, former head of Marriage Equality and current member of Gays Against Guns, responded:

“One way or another, these resistance groups are going to take over this parade. I predict that if there is no give here, this will be the first time there will be arrests.”

Ultimately, Heritage of Pride gave them the go-ahead to participate, writing in a statement:

“While no one group owned the resistance hashtag, it was clear that those in the room were capable of rallying peers to take action. This is why we feel confident in enabling the leadership present in those conversations to band together in the interest of reaching their goal of a strong message of resistance to the current political leadership… Recognizing these groups’ request that a strong element of non-celebratory protest be included in the front section of the March, we will place the collective group within the lead section of the 2017 event.”

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The news comes at an interesting turning point in the Trump administration. Just this week it’s been reported that the president’s budget proposal calls for a huge cut to AIDS research, an Obama-era executive order protecting LGBTQ federal employees was unraveled, and LGBTQ people won’t be included on the 2020 census.

It’s time to #resist.

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  • DCguy

    Just curious which one or ones of BJ McFrisky’s new screenames (Mo Bro, Hoffman, NeoNegro etc…)

    Will come on here, attacking the idea of Pride, playing the victim for Trump, (Boo Hoo, if he attacks your rights that is free speech, if you don’t think you’re rights should be taken away, then you area bully attacking his free speech). And then just running around in a circle screaming “Muslims!”?

    • 1EqualityUSA

      We didn’t just fall off of the turnip truck.

  • strix1

    Mixed feelings about this…it’s kind of like poking a bear. These resistance groups will draw heavy fire from Trumpsters, hopefully it ends well. I am guessing it might be difficult for them to get a grand marshal(s) as their safety may be an issue. Pride parades in recent years have been a celebration event, bringing in all this resistance brings down that good vibe…perhaps they should separate these events, have a Pride parade where they toss out condoms & rainbow candy and a resistance parade where they toss out tear gas & shoot paint balls at protesters.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      I see, strix1. A party becomes a movement. The frivolity and looseness trailed by darker clouds, a celebration of Freedom becomes a moving target. Fear is understandable. The kind of political resistance that John Lewis and their movement encountered was scary too. Perhaps a separate venue for the combo event, as it’s a sign of weakness to cling to others for numbers. Our message will stand on its own, if not, ask, “Who’s next?”. Becoming involved in the Indivisible movement accomplishes this, though a comb event would be massive. At least the world would know we mean business. The Indivisible movement encompasses all walks of life, all age groups, all races, a contender. We are under attack by the disciples of Oxford’s, John Finnis. Neil Gorsuch and NOM’s, Robert P. George were mighty mites under the wing of a man who likens our relationships to bestiality. Indivisible may force the Tedious Right more to center, one Representative at a time. Parades are loud, but political power is superior. The GOP, pale and decrepit in the unrelenting light, are not interested in serving the citizens. Reporters unearth it, we see it, the politicians smell it and roll in it, grunting, “Undercover Boss, D.C.” Yes, separate venues notion is reasonable and more powerful.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    What’s that snapping sound? The sound of backlash. Stomp them in defeat in 2018; the GOP abuses its power. If they’ll honor President Obama’s, Merrick Garland, then that is a jumping off place. Trust has to be earned. The GOP is dark and manipulative, and until that changes, the trust will never fly with citizens. The party’s over. Reputation’s overwhelmingly damaged. Refusing to investigate Russia is worse than approving of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, and who thought they could make a more devastatingly corrupt decision so soon afterward?
    If Trump were to put Mr. Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court, a slap in the face to those who want to erase President Obama, then that will be a signal that he’s playing it his way. It also rights a wrong. Mr. Gorsuch’s time on the bench will forever be tainted. The Republicans contemptuous maltreatment of Merrick Garland and the President who appointed him will always be held up to scrutiny. If Mr. Gorsuch were worth his salt, he would walk away from this stenchy miasma and recommend Merrick Garland be placed on the bench; justice is his motive, yes? February 13, 2016, ironic, the demise of Justice Scalia, in “Shafter,” a ghost town in Texas, lead to the GOP showing their true colors. Manipulators of citizens, underminers of unions, reversers of rights, destroyers of our idea, with a side’ of oligarchy salad and tangy Russian dressing. UnHoly alliances with religion taint the stew further. God has a sense of humor. Support your newspapers; reporters are on the scent. woof.

    NYC, the banners are perfect, hopeful, strong, vibrant, and fun.

    • mujerado

      Trump could not care less if Gorsuch’s tenure is “tainted.” He IS doing things HIS WAY.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      Could be, Mujerado, though the tweet he sent last week indicated that the hard, hard Right must be defeated in 2018. If he feels this way, reflect it by honoring President Obama’s choice for the bench.

  • Kieran

    So in other words the parade will be less a celebration of “Gay Pride” in all it’s diversity (political and otherwise) and instead allow itself to be hijacked by a mob of gay crybabies who can’t get over losing the election.

    • misterheck

      The march will still be a celebration of diversity. The resistance group is taking part in the march, not taking it over or “hijacking” it.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      Crybabies don’t make Republicans back down, defying their alpha dogs.

    • s

      Those three group sound fine, but that’s not who will take control. It just opens the floodgates for all the professional protestors, especially Black LivesMatter, anti-Israel groups, free housing pushers, and more who already co-opt LGBT events and think they speak for everyone in the “community.” More repeats of last years’sSF Pride selection of BLM as grand Marshall — and the “organization’s” stupid last minute protest against police . Pride is for LGBT rights and issues and should NOT be a platform for the myriad of causes pushed by the fat, far left.

    • highestbidder

      Gays Against Guns? I don’t know what they’re about but I own guns and I think we all should and we should know how to use them, as well.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      One cannot shoot a virus. Virii factor into GOP decisions.

    • DCguy

      Oh look, the right wing bigot thinks that trying to maintain civil rights is being a crybaby.

      Isn’t it funny just how much the log cabin trolls actually hate themselves?

    • scotshot

      The parade will certainly be our celebration of gay pride. We else would we band together as group and dare these SOBs to come and get us.

      For those who have forgotten, the original gay prides were certainly about pride and strength, we marched together and made history. I remember one of the first in SF. A group had 4 giant photos: Idi Amin, Richard Nixon, Anita Bryant and Hitler, it made a great graphic message I’ll always remember.

      We don’t parade because we’re crybabies we do it for ourselves as a group.

      I don’t know if you’re str8 or gay – either way go learn some history auto why we do these things.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      Thanks for the clarification, misterheck.

    • strix1

      I think you want to send this comment to “Gay City News” as that is where Queerty is taking the information from. Easy mistake though, floats…parades makes sense, floats…march not so much.

  • natekerchel

    One of the problems that has become a hallmark of the lgbt movement in general in the past few years has been complacency. For 8 years we made positive strides forward in terms of equality – I think we never took into account that the progress would be brought to a screeching halt. Complacency always leads to the same outcome – division. There will be some who advocate strident and full on opposition to the current politically illegitimate ‘government’ – others will want to take a less ‘poke the bear’ approach. Which of those options will get the desired effect i.e. stop the threats to our civil and human rights? The answer is probably neither. We have a man in the White House who not only has a recognizable personality disorder, but he also fits the description of a megalomaniac. This man is unlikely to back down in the face of protests, and in fact it is likely that he will lash out at those who protest or try to thwart his will.
    What we cannot do is allow ourselves to be divided. Our strength has always come from our unity, and we must remember he original purpose of Pride in our decision making. It was to protest, to fight back against the discrimination and lack of civil and human rights. If we had a party along the way then fine. We have forgotten that because we became complacent – the gay marriage victory crowned all the hard work. But only a few weeks ago on this site it was pointed out that gay marriage did not mean the end of bigotry and discrimination. Maybe it is time to return to more protest and less party for now.

  • Bob LaBlah

    Folks, rest assured that once the last float filled with have naked Muscle Mary’s (who can’t dance and have no rhythm) passes by this “rise up against Trump” b/s will be history. My guess is they chose this theme because they’ve noticed fewer people willing to pay $350 per night (minimum during Pride weekend) for those overpriced hotel rooms. The crowd from Pride is a huge part of the NYC budget income.

    • mujerado

      Wow, you really can’t stand it that not all LGBT people agree with you. Poor baby. If you think this will signify the “end” of the uprise against the “president” you really know nothing at all about gay history. The crowd from Pride will be bigger this year than ever before, and more meaningful than it’s been for decades.

  • MediaGuy

    The girls forget that not every gay person is a liberal democrat. So, how dare they (Pride organizers) put anti-Trump protests on the agenda? WTF do you think you are? I guess I will sit this Pride out until the crybaby pussies go away and Pride returns to being Pride, not a hijacked forum for a bunch of loser bitches.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      stay home. we don’t want you.

    • MediaGuy

      ^ hater bitch.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      ^child throwing tantrum and calling names. Trumpstenosis of cerebral vasculature…

    • misterheck

      @MediaGuy – All voices are welcome. If you would like to register a group of gay conservatives to join the march, please do so!

  • Neonegro

    Rise up and do what?????? throw their high heels, wigs, go go shorts, dresses at the administration????

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