‘Confused It’ Brittany Novotny’s Saucy Response to Oklahoma’s Sally Kern

With only 50 days left before the election, supporters of anti-gay Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern called her transgender opponent Brittany Novotony “a confused it”. So Novotony issued a scathing response basically calling Kern an irresponsible extremist. It is a zinger alright, but why didn’t Novotny do some other obvious things like apply for Lesbian and Gay Victory Fund support that could have put more queers in her corner?

According to Novotny she decided to forgo the Victory Fund to conduct her campaign without her opponent claiming that “out of state interests” had interfered in the election. To receive Victory Fund support, Novotny would also have had to made a case for her electoral viability in the state’s 84th district, an allotment of time Novotny instead spent fundraising and building her constituent base.

A red state candidate, Novotny is focusing in on three core issues: jobs, education, and commerce. In contrast Kern’s “issues” page includes conservative red meat such as “sanctity of life”, “traditional marriage”, and establishing English as the official state language (instead of their native Cherokee).

The implicit suggestion is that Novotny doesn’t care about these same issues. Instead Novotny contends they’re not the issues effecting actual Sooners hit hard by the economy. Nevertheless, Novotny made sure to release a recent web ad in which she espouses her love for the constitution and declares “My values are Oklahoma values.”

That’s great, but does District 84 share Novotny’s economic values or will they go after Kern’s “moral” red meat? T-50 days and the clock goes tick-tock.