Confused Queerty Reader Asks You To “Explain To Me More About Gayism”

Queerty always gets lots of great news tips, suggestions and feedback. But once in a while we get rather unusual requests. Recently, we received an anonymous email asking us to explain homosexuality. Or at least that’s what we think the reader was asking.

“I really want to know what u guys think about gayism do u guys honestly think its perfectly normal to be gay normal for a man to kiss a fellow man for a girl n a girl to marry jeez this is ridiculous I really want u guys to explain to me,” the reader wrote, employing rather creative spelling and grammar.

We are not making this up! The same reader posted this non-sequitur in comments:

can somebody really explain to me how gayism really started? ??
because honestly upto date I still don’t get it why n how actually a
man can really stay together with a fellow Guy n get so intimate live
together for years jeez this is really crazy honestly I can’t wait to
see what’s going to happen at the end of time where will the gay
people go bcoz rights now there are quite many n they keep increasing
each day

First, we bandied a few jokes around the office. One editor suggest we tell her “Gayism started at the beginning of time when God made Adam and Steve.” Others suggested less charitable responses.

At any rate, we figured you could come up with much better answers than we’d ever dream up.

So, dear Queerty reader, please explain “gayism” and why “they keep increasing each day”?