Confusion And Joy Reigns In Wisconsin

GrammyGayMarriageSo is marriage legal in Wisconsin or isn’t it? That depends who you ask.

Last Friday, Judge Barbara Crabb started her weekend with a bang by overturning the state’s marriage ban. That threw gay couples into a wedding frenzy, with hundreds rushing to clerk’s offices around the state to wed.

But Attorney General J. B. Van Hollen, who is a real actual person and not a rejected Caddyshack villain, has vowed to stop those meddling gays. He’s promising to appeal the ruling, and has asked for an emergency injunction to halt the weddings. He seems like a really nice guy.

But somehow, the licenses just kept flowing in Wisconsin this weekend. When the dust settles, we’re pretty confident that Van Hollen will claim that the state doesn’t have to recognize the licenses; and then the ACLU will probably sue to force recognition. That’s how it’s gone in other states.

Who knows, though? We’re in the Wild West of marriage law right now.

Meanwhile, NOM’s bad run of luck is continuing. A judge just slapped down their claims that the IRS was targeting them as part of a conspiracy to leak tax documents. And the U.S. Supreme Court rejected their attempt to halt marriages in Oregon. All in all it’s probably a pretty lousy time to be working at NOM.