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Congratulations, Target: Here’s Your Lady Gaga Sorrow Song

The story we’re being told is that Lady Gaga dropped out of her exclusive deal with Target because she realized, hey, the retailer didn’t really change its anti-gay stripes. Target, having lashed out at the singer for ending their contract, shows it can do no right: It refused to implement any apologetic measures for its $150k donation to the pro-Tom Emmer PAC, and its latest promises to be more vigilant about political donations is a complete and total farce. So enter Sean Chapin, the YouTube mixologist, with “Target, Are You Anti-Gay?” — a riff on Lady Gaga’s new single rewritten with lyrics like, “Throw our civil rights away / Target, are you anti-gay? / I gotta ask you Target / Are you anti-gay?” It’s actually pretty catchy. And if Costco were smart, it would sign Chapin to an exclusive deal to sell the single in stores.

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  • LAC

    Please, no more gaga articles just to get a lot of hits and comments. Raise the standards here, Queerty.

  • John

    ‘Love it! :D

  • Michelle

    Any person who actually goes to a job (works) for their money, then takes that money and donates it to a KNOWN company who takes same money and donates it to stripping them of their rights…..that’s a loser.

    My question for these losers is: why not just donate straight to NOM? Cut the middle man out?

    Sometimes in life- it’s important to stand strong for your convictions, even if it’s an inconvenience. That is what makes an attribute to be proud of.

  • mudgeboy

    Great post. Thanks Queerty. I love GaGa and I think she’s wonderful for the gay community.

  • scribe

    I thought the video was smart, hip, and timely. I’m a little pissed about target haven’t been since I heard. I hope they pull there crap together. Same thing with the salvation army and between the two I saved alot of money this year. Last thing more of a personal thing and sort of off topic, I would love to see the singer nude on my bed… lol. He has just the right amount of belly and facial hair.

  • scribe

    @Michelle: I feel the same way about log cabin repubs

  • Gaga stinks

    I wish Queerty would stop helping Lady Gaga using gays for self promotion and cheap publicity.

  • Kev C

    Dear Target

    We’ve noticed that your stores have large red balls outside the doors. We feel that these balls should be closer together .. in pairs. It’s what God intended and because we’re born this way.

    We will not set foot into any Target store until our demands for paired red balls are met!

  • Avenger

    Fuck Gaga! I’m gonna keep on shopping at Target. They were around before that smug, self-important bitch, and they’ll be around after her. Some other pop star will gladly take her spot with them. Fuck Gaga.

  • Shannon1981

    I’m proud of GaGa and anyone else who helps the gay cause in any way they can and calls to task those businesses who refuse. You know what? I don’t miss Target. At all. I haven’t set foot in there since this story broke. Is it inconvenient? Yes, of course. Especially since I do not live in some large gay mecca with many shopping options and gay friendly local places, etc. Also, I like the parody.

  • Gregoire

    Thank you Queerty for annoying the trolls with additional articles about Lady Gaga.

  • thedarkchariot

    Catchier than the original.

  • Matt F

    Very clever vid….go GaGa!! Target is still off limits at my house. There are lots of places to save money than buying their cheap overpriced junk (and not WalMart, either). The CEO should be kicked out the back door.

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    I’ll throw stinky pu$$y juice on any gay talking $hit about Gaga!

  • alan brickman

    Hey hit a gym superstar!!!

  • D9W

    If you want to get this song, You might want to send an email to Amazon letting them know you wanting it. Here’s their responce to a quick email I sent them >>


    From your message, I understand that you are interested in buying the Sean Chapin new”Target, Are You Anti-Gay? from the Amazon MP3 store. I’ve checked the MP3 content on our website and found that it is not available with us right now. It is always important for us to hear how customers react to all aspects of shopping at Amazon.com. Strong customer feedback like yours helps us continue to improve the selection and service we provide and we appreciate the time you took to write to us. I’ve passed your feedback along to the Amazon MP3 team. If you have any questions about our MP3 service, our Frequently Asked Questions Help page includes information about system requirements, file sizes, and download speeds: http://www.amazon.com/help/amazonmp3 Thanks for your interest in Amazon MP3. We hope to see you again.

  • D9W

    I email Amazon and told them I want this song. They said they did not have it but would pass it on to the Amazon’s heads of state that someone requested it. Well if you want it I suggest that you email them and let them know you want the song.
    Here is the email they sent me back >>

    From your message, I understand that you are interested in buying the Sean Chapin new”Target, Are You Anti-Gay? from the Amazon MP3 store.

    I’ve checked the MP3 content on our website and found that it is not available with us right now. It is always important for us to hear how customers react to all aspects of shopping at Amazon.com. Strong customer feedback like yours helps us continue to improve the selection and service we provide and we appreciate the time you took to write to us. I’ve passed your feedback along to the Amazon MP3 team.

    If you have any questions about our MP3 service, our Frequently Asked Questions Help page includes information about system requirements, file sizes, and download speeds:


    Thanks for your interest in Amazon MP3. We hope to see you again.

  • jason

    I was surprised that Lady Gaga made a deal with Target in the first place. I mean, Target has a reputation which precedes it. It’s not as if Lady Gaga would not have known about its reputation for being anti-gay before she did the deal.

    Something tells me that the whole thing was a set-up by Lady Gaga’s people to make it seem that she is gay-friendly. I think she senses that gays are turning against her and she needed something to get them on side again.

    I’m not falling for the stunt.

  • sam

    Lady Gaga likes to say that she’s gay-friendly but she’s not very gay-friendly when it comes to her music videos. She avoids showing men together. She’s done it in just one video (Alejandro), and even that seems to have been censored.

    She’s a fake gay advocate. It’s the best description ever of her.

  • Kev C

    @jason: You’re assuming Gaga has a brain. Here’s how I see the deal:

    LG: I made an exclusive deal with Target. Gonna make lots of money .. for myself!


    LG: Gays are angry at Target for political donations? Oh Noez! Why didn’t any of you homos tell me this?

    Homo Underling: Sorry Mother. We were busy sewing your costumes.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Avenger: LOL.

    @sam: The bigger question is why are we gays so keen about chasing after these heterosexual women and demanding male-male representation from them? Why do we expect them to reflect our lives just because they drop a few one-liners about gay rights and make a few speeches?

    Why aren’t gays this passionate about people like Adam Lambert? Why aren’t we investing him with all this power that we so willingly give to Lady Gaga?

  • Jeffree

    @TheRealAdam: The real answer, as Jason will tell you, is that women’s sexuality is fake; sleazy, liberal men control the music industry; and Gaga has “long, flowing hair”. Please do note the comma in the latter expression. That answers your beloved “male-male” question in Jason’s absence.

    No gay man I know personally cares much about Gaga’s music, pro or con. Reading this site though, you’d think all of us were devoted followers. I wouldn’t base my opinions on her popularity on a site like this.

  • Kent M

    @alan brickman: He’s fine the way he is, Twiggy.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Jeffree: Thanks, but that didn’t really answer my questions. My questions didn’t concern women’s sexuality, they concerned why gays (men in particular) deify people like Gaga and Madonna, and why it’s so hard to rally around gay male artists (Lambert). Can you answer that?

  • Jeffree

    @TheRealAdam: TheRealAnswer may be that straight women performers don’t have to, by definition, support our equality because it doesn’t directly affect them. So, they’re doing “more” than they have to.

    Adam Lambert, on the other hand is held to a higher standard, because he is “one of us.” In fact, he seems to be held to such a high standard that he’d have to pretty much stop with music and dedicate himself full time to LGB causes before he’d receive any recognition at all.

  • Brett

    pretty sure this guy only made the video to get youtube hits. the statements are false; Target is not-antigay. get over it.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Jeffree: Interesting “RealAnswer,” and I agree for the most part.

  • thedarkchariot

    @alan brickman: Superficiality coming from a gay guy on the internet? How original.

  • d.c

    The lady gaga haters are nothing but homophobes. BELIEVE IT. They are the same people who attacked Dan Choi, Kathy Griffin, who attack Adam Lamert, who attack Lance Bass, who attack any orginization on our side. Look at the passion in which they hate her? you HONESTLY think that’s not stemmed from homophobia? Consider the many posts about anti gay politicians that go ignored by these very same people. Consider the fact that they don’t have the same energy and passion when attacking bigots…yet when it comes to Gaga everything she does that is in favor of equality, they slam her for it. WHY you ask? simple. These people can’t stand Gaga because she is a supporter of equal rights. They would and do hate on ANYONE who dares speak on equality.

    Your hate is showing..haters. Do a better job of covering your tracks next time.

  • IonMusic

    @d.c: Well said! Only thing I disagree with is that it’s multiple people. It’s the same two posters posting under different handles on here. They are fixated on hating on anyone who speaks out for gays. The code words to look out for is :

    Fame whore

    Publicity stunt

    Fake advocate

    You are absolutely right in saying they say it about every single public figure who is an ally. In their minds, the only people who are genuine are people who are anti gay, and anyone who ever speaks favorably of gays is not being authentic and is in it for the publicity. So what does that tell us? they take issue with the fact that people speak in favor of gays, and if they had it their way, they’d silence anyone who does.

  • Mark

    why do I get the sneaking suspecion the few who slam Ga Ga for speaking out on gay rights are the same few who always celebrate the freedom of speech and first amendment rights of the other side? like the people who cheered loudly in celebration for the westboro church and their offensive signs, and the brat who wore the shirt to school stating “be happy don’t be gay” and the bed and breakfest couple in UK who denied services to a gay couple. why do I get the feeling the same people who were supporting those groups and speaking out in their favor are the same people who bash on Ga Ga for exercising her freedom of speech and supporting LGBT?

    Just because you go down on a guy doesn’t make you gay friendly when you harbor so much disdain for gay friendly folks. remember that.

  • Dynex

    There’s an awful lot of Target supporters on here and an awful lot of Gaga haters. Gosh, if I didn’t know any better I’d wager Target inc has their people trolling on gay sites while blasting Gaga.

    The funniest line from one troll above “get over it. Target isn’t anti gay!”

    LOL. Where DID you place your Yes on 8 sign, poster?

    We’re gay, we’re not mentally disabled.

  • Kev C

    @d.c: Are you saying that all the “jealous” and “bitter” “old” “queens” who “hate” Lady Gaga are suddenly “homophobes” who oppose equality?

    Interesting theory.

  • Jeffree

    @D.C.: Agreed! I don’t “get” the hate toward anyone who steps up for LGBT equality/rights. I’m personally not a fan of Gaga’s music, but so what, I appreciate what she, like Cyndi Lauper, Pink, and other str8ish allies do and try to do.

    Sometimes allies may miss the mark or misstep, but from the rants here you’d think Gaga was appearing with WBC hate-signs on national TV!

    With all the real enemies out there: NOM, FOtF, NARTH, Santorum & the TeaPartyists, etc., I think we’re better off spending time & energy on those who want to see us in the closet or literally under ground !

  • Real Talk

    Folks, folks, folks….there’s atleast one troll like comment in every single comments section article on this site. Do you think the trolls who have made previous hateful statements just leave? Of course not. They adopt another user name and post bull crap under that user name. In the case of Lady Gaga, who has repeatedly been a staunch pro gay icon, the people who ridicule her are not ones who are pro gay. Just because they make statements like “she’s not OUR ally. she’s not on OUR side” does not mean these posters are in fact LGBT themselves. Most often, they are right wing trolls trying to brainwash your minds into believing their nonsense, all while pretending to be “one of us” so that in turn you think “Well, hmm, this person can’t be a homophobe because they claim to be gay so then their opinion must be somewhat valid.” Wrong. Anyone can be anything on the internet.

    You can make all sorts of claims about this singers music, her dancing, her clothes, but when it comes to anyone questioning her support of the gay community….BE ALARMED: It is a troll. It is a troll who tries to plant seeds of doubt in your brain even toward those who are so clearly on our side. Please don’t fall prey to not using the “investigative” part of your brain to break down people’s intentions. Especially those who are bigots.

  • Michelle

    I agree with a majority of posters above. This repeated, played out and predictable ploy to get our community to turn against Lady Gaga and put into question her loyalty for us is becoming transparent. It’s not short of a ploy by the conservative leaning trolls on here to wishful think that if enough GLBT folks distance themselves from GAGA than she in turn will distance herself from us. It’s her supportive message that the haters take issue with, but they viel it under the false disguise of putting into question her intentions. Her intentions are; she’s used every single interview, on every single media outlet coupled with protests, rallies and cries to call anti gay politicians at her concerts all in the name of gay rights. I don’t give a blank what her intentions are when she’s spent a good chunk of her career speaking out for me. I DO question the intentions of someone who questions her intentions. She’s given you haters no reason to believe she’s anti gay. I can name you 20,000 folks who are indeed anti gay who should be on the recieving end of your venom. Gaga is not one of them, and for anyone to try and make an anti gay bigot out of her is a very, very sneaky manipulative ploy I’m thankful others are finally picking up on.

  • Real Talk

    @Michelle: It’s the classic -divide and conquer- mentality they use. They’ll come on a perfectly well meaning post, attack the ally with a divisive comment and then sit back as we go at each other. it’s their all too obvious attempt to get us away from the topic at hand and instead go at it with each other. no healthy individual has that much pent up passion toward a 21 year old pop singer who has repeatedly stated they are a supporter of their rights. Period.
    Time to finally out the trolls for what they are and stop brushing their bipolar egos.

  • 411

    Nothing hotter than an attractive person speaking up about what matters to them. Good for the guy who made this video. Total cutie.

  • Kev C

    When you think about black civil rights heroes, you think of Dr. King, Malcom X, Medger Evers, etc.

    You you don’t think of Pat Boone.

    However, during segregation before it became popular, Pat Boone covered black songs in his own style. Lady Gaga is doing something similar to what Pat Boone did. She’s the new Pat Boone for the gay rights movement.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Kev C: What does this have to do with anything?

  • BeRealOnce

    No. 37, Real Talk : “divide and conquer”, that “they” use ? Talk about getting paranoid about an imagined plot against such a silly subject.

  • Jeffree

    @BeReal0nce: Yes, of course, LGB civil rights is “such a silly subject” yet you feel obliged to comment on it.
    Nice try, though, troll!

    \end snark

  • Real Talk

    @BeRealOnce: You danced around the core of my point. I clearly stated that the “divide and conquer” tactic is one used by troll(s) in every single article on here and not just this one. I’ve been a commentator on this blog for years and clearly I’m not the only one who notices this tactic. This is actually the fifth comments section where I’ve seen other commentators get suspecious over the constant and consistent attacks on our allies. The manner in which they are attacked and the words expressed to attack them are indeed almost identical, as stated by a poster above. The bigger question to pose is how is it a Mike Huckabee post where he compares homosexuality to beastiality draws a total of 12 comments, three of which happen to be very supportive of his ignorance and yet every Lady GaGa post gets some 30 + comments most of which have such hate for her that you would assume she’s Hitler’s girlfriend reincarnated. If you really think there is no correlation between the passionate Gaga haters and those who spew ignorance and homophobia in other articles than that’s on you but the rest of us who have been here long enough have caught up with the predictable game the troll(s) plays. Bash on all supporters, question their charcater and intentions and walk away. It’s become boring at this point.

  • Kev C

    @TheRealAdam: Just as Pat Boone introduced Black culture to White America, Lady Gaga is introducing Gay culture to Straight America.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Kev C: And what aspect(s) of “gay culture” is she actually introducing to straight America? I can’t seem to find any, so please, illuminate me.

  • Jeffree

    @KevC: If you want to play culture-maven, you’re better off citing Elvis than Pat Boone. Yeeeeeesh. If you’re going for a pointless analogy, at least know your music history.

  • BeRealOnce

    RealTalk : Okay, I’ll grant you..maybe. Thanks for answering.

  • Cam

    I have never gone back to Target after their donation and then their lie about changing their policy.

    And guess what….haven’t missed them.

    good for GaGa for cutting off her dealings with them, and good for the gay community for speaking up and letting her know that that is what she needed to do.

    It looks like the days of us being quiet to keep from upsetting anybody who claims to be our friends is finally over.

    Politicians and pop stars, we very very very much appriciate your support…but we’ll hold you to your promises also.

  • Mattybear

    throwing in my two cents (in this economy I had to take out a loan for one of them).
    Is there a plot by trolls to infiltrate lgbt blogs? Probable not an organized one. The people posting are too obvious.

    Most are probably just ignorant of the past and somehow unable to figure out how that tricky Google thing works. So they can get more info about a topic. For example the guy who said “target isn’t anti-gay” probably is basing his opinion on this one article. Maybe he does not know target was anti-gay before the whole lady gaga thing. Just because you are LGBT does not mean you are automatically informed.

    That being said. There might be one or two trolls who come on to annoy. Its not like there is a test to determine if a poster is gay or not. (Of course I demand videos and photos of each user to prove gayness. Sent to me.)

  • Shannon1981

    re: trolls: A place like Queerty is extremely easy to troll. You don’t even need an account to post, and they rarely delete comments. The only real moderation is the auto- flagged comments, it seems…

    Also, the snarky tone of the blog makes it hard to tell who the trolls are and who the real trolls are, and who are just negative commenters, or who is just downright unhinged. Best to not let them derail, because, regardless of intent, that is essentially what always happens.

    As for GaGa, whether you like her music or not, she is an ally. End of story. We should support her.

    And I wish people would rally around the likes of Adam Lambert. I think he’s awesome, but also, by his own admission, he really didn’t set out to be any kind of civil rights activist, and that is his decision to make. He has, however, just released a re mixed version of a song from his album to benefit The Trevor Project, so yes, he does do things for the community, too. I think there are lots of gays who were turned off by him because the Idol fans who claim ownership of him make it very difficult for gays-especially gay men, but gay women too- to participate in his fandom actively. The folks who were on the fence have turned away.

    I support what GaGa and Adam and all the rest are doing to help, no matter what it is, and really wish people would stop trolling these posts.

  • David

    What we need to remember is that Target gave a big fat cheque to the bigot Tom Emmer. And they continue to fund bigots. Gaga’s motivations are not the story. Target’s CONTINUING financial support of homophobic bigots is the story here.

  • Kev C

    @Jeffree: Pat Boone was bigger than Elvis at the time. Pat had his own TV show, made more money than Elvis did during the 50’s. But Elvis was an original, while Pat Boone was an imitator. Lady Gaga has never been called an original. Elvis was sexy, while Pat Boone/Lady Gaga are not. Pat Boone was hard working, shrewd and calculating, like Lady Gaga. While Elvis was a bit of a hillbilly slacker. More comparisons?

  • susana

    This is way better than the original which was, sigh, monotonous.

  • JT

    Lady Gaga wouldn’t know originality or hard work since there’s nothing original about her or any music she puts out.

    People who think that Lady Gaga is original need to listen to more types of music and the actual musicians and artists who she copies who actually are/were original unlike her.

  • sidewalk

    Is it just me, but doesn’t her new song sound like shiit on the car radio? Whoever mixed it needs to go back to mixing school.

  • Real Talk

    Target? lol the lame smelly as hell store for people who have 15 kids on each leg. No thanks. Boycotted that crap longgg ago!

  • Lova

    I love Gaga, and I love Target and will continue to shop there. Target has had a great record regarding LGBT rights, and the call for a boycott is ridiculous. Corporations make donations all the time, and it would be stupid to single out one donation via PAC that made its way to T-Bagger Emmer.

  • jimstoic

    You can sell your Target gift cards online, so that they are used by people who would buy stuff at Target anyway, while you can use the cash somewhere else instead of using your money at Target. Check out Cardpool.

  • clark lane

    Thanks to the putrid “Lady GaGa” and the gay boycott of Target! I can shop in peace!
    All your little boycotts do nothing but bring more notoriety to great places like Target. It’s a great store with decent prices and cool merchandise – too bad you won’t just enjoy it.

  • onehundredeight

    @clark lane: Target is shit. And Gaga tossed Target away like a dirty rag, not the other way around, so don’t even pretend that hole has standards. What, do you buy your clothes there too? Eat dinners exclusively at McDonalds, when you aren’t treating yourself on special nights to Swiss Chalet? Come on, Target is the trashiest of the trash, and the fact you’re defending the place proves furthermore why this isn’t an active boycott. 80% of us wouldn’t be caught dead in that place anyway. And they could use a little bit of gay, actually, as their design section is the subject of Martha Stewart’s nightmares, and don’t even get me started as their tacky as hell lawn furniture. And don’t even act as if gay people get in your way as you shop, that’s just ignorant, if anything, it’s the other way around, with bigoted pricks waltzing around like the own America and the right to say whatever they want. That only goes so far, and certainly not into the realm of harassment and derogatory hate speech…

  • Bullseyed

    As a former HQ Target employee, I can personally attest that they are 100% lip service to LGBT issues. There is no interest whatsoever on the part of senior executives or the board of directors to support the gay “guest” beyond taking as much of their money as they can.

  • Nevada libertarian

    lesbian transgendered I was born to be brave…. Wait what? its so catchy its stuck in my head. What does that mean exactly? theme song for the lady gaga trans theorist? UC Davis at Berkly gay rights activists are developing a new strain of super weed called gaga….LOL, it’ll happen. I like her song personally. especially acknowledging trans les community. Awesome for her. way to be “Carjack Mallone” way to be “Hershe”. either way she’s hot -libertarian Nevada

  • Joe T

    @Avenger: No, Fuck YOU Avenger! You would rather shop at a store that is anti-gay but you are badmouthing a woman who is a tremendous supporter of the gay community? I’ll bet that you’re a Log Cabin asshole!

  • Armand

    I’m still going to shop at Target.

    So they’re not “gay friendly”? It’s called capitalism. Get over it and shop somewhere else.

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