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Congratulations, Target: Here’s Your Lady Gaga Sorrow Song

The story we’re being told is that Lady Gaga dropped out of her exclusive deal with Target because she realized, hey, the retailer didn’t really change its anti-gay stripes. Target, having lashed out at the singer for ending their contract, shows it can do no right: It refused to implement any apologetic measures for its $150k donation to the pro-Tom Emmer PAC, and its latest promises to be more vigilant about political donations is a complete and total farce. So enter Sean Chapin, the YouTube mixologist, with “Target, Are You Anti-Gay?” — a riff on Lady Gaga’s new single rewritten with lyrics like, “Throw our civil rights away / Target, are you anti-gay? / I gotta ask you Target / Are you anti-gay?” It’s actually pretty catchy. And if Costco were smart, it would sign Chapin to an exclusive deal to sell the single in stores.

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