NC Congregation Voices Support For “Put Gays Behind Electric Fence” Pastor

The congregation of North Carolina’s Providence Road Baptist Church voiced solidarity with Pastor Charles Worley’s now infamous rant calling for gays to be rounded up and put inside an electric fence  WCNC TV in Charlotte, NC, interviewed members of the church, showing how one man’s extreme hate can spread like a virus throughout an entire community.

Geneva Sims, who has complacently let Worley pump her full of hate since the ’70s, says, “He had every right to say what he said about put ’em in a pen and feeding ’em. The Bible says they are worthy of death. He is preaching God’s word.”

Yes, Geneva, we’re so very sure the Holy Book supports mass genocide. Just ask the Nazis.

A cozy-looking woman named Stacey Pritchard agrees: “Sometimes you’ve got to be scared straight. He is trying to save those people from going to Hell.”

Those people. Please tell us Ms. Pritchard doesn’t have any children.

She goes on about her pastor: “He has nothing to hide. He’s not ashamed of anything he says.”

Then why, when the reporter comes a-knocking on his front door, does Pastor Worley refuse to answer? Why won’t he return phone calls? Why was the offending video removed from the church’s official website?

Maybe he’s in his basement, too engrossed in pouring over his fantastical blueprints for his giant homosexual prison camp, complete with electric fences and disco ball. He’s not hiding out, he’s just busy.

A protest of the Pastor and his church is planned for May 27.

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  • Marcus

    Are we surprised? Sheep follow the leader.

  • JasonMacBride

    Pastor Worley probably spends a lot of time in the steam room at the Charlotte YMCA.

  • Scott Rose

    The Wehrmacht uniform belt buckle read “Gott mit uns,” God is with us. For information about gay Holocaust victims, go here:

  • Spike

    Of course he has every right to say what he wishes, why is it that his sham of church continues to enjoy tax exempt status. It’s all good, if christians are comfortable with other christians using the bible to preach the teaching of God, to include putting gays and lesbians to death, so be it. It’s their religion.

  • Randy

    Christians seem to need to hate and find fault in order to feel superior.

  • Ken

    Typically ace reporting by Queerty. The pastor DID NOT say anything about electrocuting gay people. He said lesbians, homosexuals, and “queers” should be rounded up and and put in a pen with an electrified fence. He said to drop in food and wait for everyone to die off (presumably of old age or disease). Because we can’t reproduce, that will be the end of homosexuality.

    This idiot is buying into the “gay recruitment” theory that says we have to molest little boys and recruit people into our fold because that’s the only way to keep creating new gay people.

    What he actually said is plenty horrific and based on just all sorts of stupid and offensive ideas. It doesn’t need embellishment or mischaracterizing – the hatred stands on its own.

  • cam

    So a state that had an amendment against interacial marriage and used to lynch blacks has bigots still living there? I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tells ya!

    Additionally, civil rights advocates are partially at fault for too long letting people be excused with the “But it’s my religion” claim and saying that their opinions need to be respected.

    Funny, I don’t hear anybody saying that child murderes should be respected even though the Bible allows it. Nor do I hear people rushing to excuse people practicing female circumcism who claim religious exemption.

    They are hateful hypocritical bigots and any excuse they have is B.S.

  • Delius

    You can’t really debate with someone who’s reply is “God make Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve”.

  • Chris

    Yay! Let this be a fact that all churches believe this! Whatever, seriously. If all churches believed in the same thing and if you truly believe in that. You are seriously mistaken. I go to a church who accepts EVERYONE no matter who you are. Just wanted you all to know that. A few churches being chastised in the media does not represent the thousands of churches here in America. Maybe I’m just in a area where churches don’t hate gays?

  • John

    All religion does is hold people back. These naive, stupid people will not realize it until it’s too late. I would like this lowlife to try to fence me in and see what happens.

  • Tony

    Lock the doors and set fire to the place, like they did in “Inglorious Basterds”

  • Shannon1981

    I’ll repost here what I posted on Facebook:

    If you live in SC/NC, I am sure you have noticed that the gay haters are out in droves since Pastor Worley and his congregation are getting so much support. Please be careful. Every time one of these people decides to spew this bile, they feel justified in their violence and harassment. Be aware of your surroundings, and do stay safe.

    These people are idiots, but they are also dangerous idiots.

  • Shannon1981

    @Chris: Dude, listen. If there weren’t a serious gay hating problem with churches, there wouldn’t be this ongoing circular debate. Not every church is like Pastor Worley’s, but many are.

  • Dave

    Are we actually surprised? These people are Fundamentalist Christians.

  • Rob

    I agree with Chris. This guy does not represent all Churches and he doesn’t represent all Christians or how all Christians feel about LGBT people.

    I was raised Presbyterian and in our church we had openly gay and bisexual members and everyone was accepted no matter who they are. No we didn’t hear heh “Fire and brimstone” from the ministers or hate speech like this either.

  • Ian

    That he doesn’t represent “all churches” is irrelevant. There is a strong current of homophobia and heterosexism in Christian denominations, especially in evangelical churches. And there are many such churches in this country and elsewhere. He’s just “bold” (stupid) enough to say aloud what so many of these freaky christofascists believe. Fuck him and his ilk.

  • Chad

    There is a big difference between freedom of speach and inciting violence. This man should be considered a terrorist. The bible also says adulterers should be put to death as well, christians tend to overlook those versus.

  • ric

    Like the old saying go’s the one’s who scream the loudest. are gay themselves.

  • Danny

    The bible says working on the Sabbath is punishable by death. That church is using lights and a microphone pa system which require electricity, so the congregation is engaged in commerce on the Sabbath by paying the electric company to provide power; according to the bible that congregation must by put to death for violating the Sabbath. That’s what is great about the bible; it can be used to get rid of anyone and everyone you dislike if you read it using hate and discrimination in your heart just like this preacher and his congregation are doing. They are total hypocrites and Jesus said hypocrites and pharisees can never get into heaven. Jesus also said you can only be a Christian by your actions if you demonstrate love to everyone. This is not a Christian preacher or congregation.

  • Global Traveler

    Actually, I think he did call for the electrocution of gay people, since he advocates forcibly putting them behind an electrified fence. That’s a concentration camp. And when people try to escape from a concentration camp and get electrocuted by the electrified fences, then that’s a direct foreseeable result of the aggressor’s actions. So he was calling for the electrocution of them.

    If he had advocated putting them in a ten foot deep pool of water with no means of escape then eventually they would all succumb to drowning. Ergo he advocated drowning. Same thing.

  • Global Traveler

    I have a BS in Math and computer science. We used to say that you could prove or disprove anything using either statistics or the bible.

  • B

    Re No. 11 · Tony wrote, “Lock the doors and set fire to the place, like they did in “Inglorious Basterds””

    I’d prefer the way the Old Believers were handled in Modest Mussorgsky’s opera Khovanshchina – they too went up in flames but if any doors were locked, they themselves did it and they set the fire themselves. This would allow North Carolina’s Providence Road Baptist Church to give us an example of life imitating art. TV News can show the video with a soundtrack of Mussorgsky’s opera. Plus, nobody goes to jail – suicide may be a crime, but you can’t meaningfully sentence a corpse or a heap of ashes.

    Re No. 6 · Ken wrote, “This idiot is buying into the “gay recruitment” theory”
    My hypothesis is that the ones buying into this “theory” desperately want to be recruited!

  • FunMe

    Let’s bring all the Bible verses saying:

    – Women should be quiet in church and not speak
    – No Makeup
    – No shrimp, pig skin, etc.
    – Adultery: yup, must be put to death
    – Gluttony (“Proverbs 23:2 And put a knife to your throat if you are given to appetite.”)

    Oh we can continue and have LOTS of verses that these BIGOTS, KKK-type, anti-American haters spill out.

    Protesting might be good, but what’s really needed are lawsuits, federal investigation and indictments against this man, his church and the BAPTIST CHURCH for inciting violence, federal HATE crime violations and more.

    Hit them where it will hurt: $$$$. Take away their tax-exempt status now!

  • FunMe

    More importantly, these “people” are NOT Christian as they are not following Christ’s commandment:
    “John 15:12 My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”

    Can we say KKK Nazis?

    Bigotry and hatred masked in religion is still bigotry and hatred.

  • FunMe

    @Rob: And thank goodness as of 2010, the Presbyterian church is now admitting gays and lesbians as pastors. More church will be going that route. Slowly but surely.

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