NC Congregation Voices Support For “Put Gays Behind Electric Fence” Pastor

The congregation of North Carolina’s Providence Road Baptist Church voiced solidarity with Pastor Charles Worley’s now infamous rant calling for gays to be rounded up and put inside an electric fence  WCNC TV in Charlotte, NC, interviewed members of the church, showing how one man’s extreme hate can spread like a virus throughout an entire community.

Geneva Sims, who has complacently let Worley pump her full of hate since the ’70s, says, “He had every right to say what he said about put ’em in a pen and feeding ’em. The Bible says they are worthy of death. He is preaching God’s word.”

Yes, Geneva, we’re so very sure the Holy Book supports mass genocide. Just ask the Nazis.

A cozy-looking woman named Stacey Pritchard agrees: “Sometimes you’ve got to be scared straight. He is trying to save those people from going to Hell.”

Those people. Please tell us Ms. Pritchard doesn’t have any children.

She goes on about her pastor: “He has nothing to hide. He’s not ashamed of anything he says.”

Then why, when the reporter comes a-knocking on his front door, does Pastor Worley refuse to answer? Why won’t he return phone calls? Why was the offending video removed from the church’s official website?

Maybe he’s in his basement, too engrossed in pouring over his fantastical blueprints for his giant homosexual prison camp, complete with electric fences and disco ball. He’s not hiding out, he’s just busy.

A protest of the Pastor and his church is planned for May 27.