World Miraculously Survives!

Congress Overpowers Bush!

It’s a historic day for Congress, America and everything else! For the first time in President Bush’s nearly seven year reign of terror, Democrats and Republicans mustered the gumption to overturn one of this vetoes:

The Senate voted overwhelmingly today for a popular $23 billion water projects measure affecting locales across the country, thereby handing President Bush his first defeat in a veto showdown with Congress.

The vote was 79 to 14, far more than the two-thirds needed to override the veto that President Bush cast last Friday. Only 12 Republicans voted against the measure, and just two Democrats, Senators Russell D. Feingold of Wisconsin and Claire McCaskill of Missouri.

On Tuesday, the House voted by 361 to 54 in favor of the bill, also well over the two-thirds barrier to nullify the veto.

This shit’s way more exciting than China Town!