Congresswoman Tubbs Jones Dead At 58.

We hate to start the day off with bad news, but we must give a shout out to Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, who died last night after suffering an aneurysm this week.

Ohio’s first black female Congresswoman, Tubbs Jones made every effort to include gays in the American dream, garnering herself a perfect score from Human Rights Campaign. The 58-year old also proved to be a high profile figure this election season, when she came out strong for Senator Hillary Clinton. The Senator and her husband last night released a statement mourning Tubbs Jones and described her as a “”one-woman force for progress in our country.” That’s our kind of lady.

Barack Obama also released a statement:

It wasn’t enough for her just to break barriers in her own life. She was also determined to bring opportunity to all those who had been overlooked and left behind – and in Stephanie, they had a fearless friend and unyielding advocate.

Dennis Kucinich, the Congressman from Ohio who also ran for president this year, perhaps delivered the most touching tribute: “She poured her heart and soul into her job. She worked so hard and gave everything she could. I’m devastated… It’s an incalculable loss.”