Sex Talk

Conner Habib To Start A Sexual Revolution With Online Course

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 6.26.29 PMPopular porn star, Conner Habib, is adding online lecturer to his ever-expanding resume, which includes columnist, writer and philosopher. On June 19, Habib will lead a course that will investigate “how to create new perspectives on sex and how sex can help create a better world.”

With the aide of special guests, including Duncan Trussell, Samuel Delany, Buck Angel and Tristan Taormino, Habib will attempt to answer questions related to sexual conditioning, sexual attitudes, the influence of sexual experiences and the war on sex. (That’s quite a lot to swallow.)

Habib’s summer course will continue a year as an educator of sexual issues. Earlier this year, he was the first gay porn start to speak at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. And most recently, he was invited to speak at Corning Community College. However, the talk was canceled amid controversy surrounding his career as an adult film star. The talk later took place off campus at a local library.

“How To Start A (Sexual) Revolution” is being offered through Evolver Learning Lab. Interested learners can register here.