GOProud’s Conserva-Hag Ann Coulter Can’t Answer A Simple Gay Question

GOProud poster girl Ann Coulter is a fucking horrible person. No, that’s not editorializing.

She’s racist, sexist, and anti-education. She thinks homos will fag up the army after the DADT repeal and worries that millions of queers will one day topple America (we wish). But for having so many opinions, the waify conservative could not even answer Piers Morgan’s simple question about her feelings on possibly having a gay child.

It’s classical anti-gay rhetoric: don’t like the question? Just sidestep it and attempt to reframe the discussion. Either claim that the question is out of bounds or just plain unimportant.

She ducks the question by saying that she can’t even imagine being married—to which Morgan richly responds, “Haven’t you been engaged three times?” Why any prince would pass up this toad of a woman is beyond us.

She then goes onto say that she doesn’t write about herself, she writes about social policies. Or in other words, she writes her batshit crazy ideas but cannot speak about their real-world implications.

The public face of GOProud, ladies and gentlemen.