Conservative Boycott Kickoff Party 2006!

microsoft boycott

The new year has only just begun and conservative are already kicking it off with a bang! Can you say boycotts galore? Ford and the American Family Association have returned for a sequel to last month’s drama, which the car company triumphed. Now a bunch of fundamentalists in Washington want everyone to boycott Hewlett-Packard, Boeing, and Nike.

A pastor on Monday called for a national boycott of Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and other companies that support a gay civil rights bill, saying the corporations have underestimated the power of religious consumers.

The Rev. Ken Hutcherson, pastor of Antioch Bible Church in the Seattle suburb of Redmond, said he would formally issue the boycott Thursday on the conservative radio show Focus on the Family.
“We’re tired of sitting around thinking that morals can be ignored in our country,” he said. “This is not a threat, this is a promise. Check out the past presidential election. We made the moral issue the No. 1 issue.”

We’d love to see these conservatives toss their new Nikes, toss their HP printers into the trash, and suddenly become very picky over the type of aircraft they fly on their next trip to Orlando for fear of putting money into the pockets of those immoral Nazis at Boeing.

They could just fly on an Airbus jet. But then they’d only be keeping the French in business and we know that they’re immoral terrorists like all of us gays.

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