Circa 1930

Conservative Fights For Gender Rights

Renew America’s Nancy Levant‘s penned a thoughtful and somewhat infuriating piece in which she attacks the government and scientists for dismantling traditional, Biblically-endorsed gender roles.

Men, she laments, are no longer handy. Meanwhile, women are encouraged to get out the kitchen and start making something of their lives! Oh, the humanity!!

Levant’s queer thoughts on the matter queerly mirror queer theory, only rather than progressing, this crazy bird’s says she wants a devolution…

Levant writes:

All gender skills and talents throughout human history lost and gone to Westernized males and females have served to grow the power of contemporary government, and the condition of our children and school systems are proof positive. Frankly, we don’t know who we are allowed to be without governmental instruction, grant-based direction, and cultural rule books. Over and over again, why do we allow elites to define us and to manipulate and rule our opinions – even to the point of our biology?

Levant departs from those stinking queers, however, by blubbering over the lost happy days of heterosexism. She’d rather the government stay out of gender all together and let people get back to the (re)productive roles embodied by our grandparents.

We’re totally in love with this woman. Not because we agree with her – obviously we don’t – but because she fails to realize that if she had her way, she’d wouldn’t even be allowed to write her crazy essay. On second thought, perhaps she’s on to something…