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Conservative Jews Give Thumbs-Up To Gay Glass-Stomping

Delightful news from God’s Chosen People: leaders of the Jewish Conservative Movement have unanimously approved marriage equality.

The Conservative movement is the second-biggest Jewish movement in the country, and the Rabbinical Assembly’s sanction applies to 1,600 rabbis across the country. Mazel tov!

The Rabbinical Assembly had previously said that marriages are a-ok, but now they have guidelines for performing marriage rituals (and, alas, handling divorces). And according to the Washington Post, the announcement has been marked by a resounding lack of plotzing.

“There is a tremendous sense of appreciation, of celebration,” said [Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, executive vice president of the movement’s Rabbinical Assembly]. “The guidance is considered thoughtful and helpful to do what it was intended to do … to bring sanctity between people who want to build a Jewish home.”

Of course, Schonfeld points out, there are likely to be some rabbis who oppose the Assembly’s move, and as far as we’re concerned that’s certainly their prerogative. May God bless and keep them … far away from us.