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  • Snapper59

    He wants to steal (or borrow) Ann Coulter’s schtick for being famous for being hated. Well it worked, he got into the NYT.

  • Evji108

    He’s even more of a disgusting douche than I suspected.

  • Brian

    I love Milo. He’s a dangerous homosexual who threatens the comfort zone of the gay community. He has also referred to feminism as a cancer. Yay for Milo!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    I think that I’d pay to see pictures of Milo and the Donald doing the dirty.

  • Louis

    Then up your standards .

  • SportGuy


  • Ogre Magi

    Is this all some elaborate joke, like Borat?

  • Ogre Magi


  • Brian

    Milo’s views are similar to mine in some cases. For example, I think modern feminists seek to obtain privileges for women, thus adversely affecting the status of all men, including gay-identifying men. Gay-identifying men are foolish for supporting modern feminists.

    Did you know that a modern feminist thinks it’s OK for a baby to be aborted if it is found to have a gay gene?

  • Joincny

    I don’t understand gay people like Milo. On one hand, he’s all about himself and money. On the other, he supports laws that are homophobic and against his own relationships. His thinking is unclear. Very odd man.

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    Milo has obviously lost his mind – I looked him up on Youtube and holy shit, the definition of an insane “Conservative” (Most of his views that are not connected to money are not conservative by any means).

    I don’t think he realizes he’s going to get punched and be called a fag at one of Trump’s rallies.

  • strix1

    Okay, that said…oh wait, nothing of value was said. [quote]

  • Clark

    It’s so funny that gays are all about “diversity” and “acceptance” until one of our own has a different opinion than the expected, and generally wrong, norm. Milo rocks! You would accept any fag that licks Kooky Bernie’s balls, or swooned after the Crominal Clinton wench, but hell no! Never accept a well spoken, opposition. That’s just not done.

  • CarrieV

    @Brian: Brian, whereas I’m sure everyone knows that most feminists are pro-choice, they are vehemently AGAINST aborting for selective reasons, i.e., aborting based upon the sex of the fetus, aborting for the (mixed) race of the fetus, and aborting for the sexuality of the fetus.

    They have been very publicly against aborting for reasons related to pure bigotry. Whoever told you that feminists think it’s OK to abort if the baby has a gay gene was trolling you, quite handily.

  • dwes09

    @Brian: Dangerous? Only if being considered a clown by the overwhelming majority of other homosexuals makes one dangerous. Only if bring a trained gelding displayed for the amusement of right wing heterosexuals makes one dangerous.

    Being a minstrel stripped of manhood is the opposite of being dangerous.

  • dwes09

    ‘For example, I think modern feminists seek to obtain privileges for women, thus adversely affecting the status of all men, including gay-identifying men.’

    You BELIEVE this, thinking has little to do with it. Please provide statistics from accepted even-handed sources that support your odd notion. The “privileges” feminists seek are equal treatment under the law, essentially the same things that gay men (except those like you whose goal is to be the lap dog of heterosexual men) seek.

    Especially regarding feminists aborting fetuses that carry “a gay gene”, you will have to provide some support for that or wear the tag of delusional with pride. Not even Trump can get away with making stuff up for long. People with brains question imaginary claims.

  • Doug

    Milo clearly has a personality disorder. Much like Trump, he will go to any lengths whatsoever to narcissistically call attention to himself, regardless if it means walking all over the gay community in order to be noticed. He knows perfectly well what he’s doing and obviously plans out his pranks in advance for effect (hey, negative attention is still attention, right?). The more people finally just ignore him, the sooner he’ll go away. These endless YouTube media whores are getting really tired.

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