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Conservatives are PISSED at Dr. Jill Biden… but they don’t actually seem to know why

Conservatives on Twitter are FURIOUS with First Lady Dr. Jill Biden. Just don’t ask any of them what they’re exactly angry about because they aren’t actually sure. All they know is THEY’RE PISSED and SHE’S TO BLAME!!!

Today, Dr. Biden gave an emotional speech urging all Americans to take care of themselves on World Cancer Day.

“If you’ve put off going to the doctor, schedule your appointment today,” she said. “If you’ve put off your recommended cancer screenings, don’t delay them any longer.”

The issue is personal for the first lady after her son, Beau, died of brain cancer in 2015.

“The last thing you have time for, or want to do, is get your cancer screenings,” she said. “But today, on World Cancer Day, I’m asking you to put your health first, just for a moment.”

But her message likely fell on deaf ears among some conservatives, who have been railing against her all week for various vague offenses.

Some are accusing FLOTUS of elder abuse…

Others are mad at at her for simply being married to Joe Biden

And then there are those who are livid with her for merely existing…

Goodness! These people seem very quick to anger.

Can you imagine how outraged they’d be if Dr. Biden, say, refused to move into the White House for the first six months of her husband’s presidency?

Or went on a profanity-laden tirade about how much she f*cking hates Jesus Christ’s birthday?

Or auctioned off items she wore during an official White House state visit and only accepted payment in cryptocurrency deposited directly into her personal banking account?

Now that would be something to get upset about!

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