Battleground state could host all-out political war

Conservos Call for Iowa Amendment

iowa2.jpgWhen the Religious Right teams up with the Holier-Than-Thous, you know trouble’s afoot.

Today 365Gay reports that Iowa’s conservative clans have called a quorum to begin calling for an amendment banning gay unions state-wide. Not content with the stay halting gay unions following a landmark lower-court ruling declaring the state’s 1998 Defense of Marriage Act denying same-sex unions to be unconstitutional, on Sunday “about 1200 people from conservative Protestant churches across Des Moines held a prayer rally outside Maple Street Missionary Baptist Church demanding lawmakers act.”

No word as of yet from lawmakers–nor, for that matter, any of the Presidential hopefuls. Look for that to change by the time the state’s upcoming primary rolls around January 3

“Religious Conservatives Demand Iowa Amendment to Block Gay Marriage” []