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Constance McMillen Stood Up For Her Right to Slow Dance. And Walked Away With a $30k College Scholarship

[flv:http://wbads.vo.llnwd.net/o25/u/telepixtv/ellen/us/video/2010-03/19/031910_constance_video.flv http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2010/03/ellenconstanceboard1.jpg 650 400]

Even though her lesbian comedy pal Wanda Sykes beat her to a Constance McMillen interview, Ellen DeGeneres invited the prom hero onto her show and, as a little sign of thanks for amazing young people standing up for themselves, gave her a $30,000 college scholarship check. There are good people in the world, and these two gay women are among them.

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  • PopSnap

    Ellen is one of the best people.


    Constance is on her way to DC with GLSEN this weekend to advocate for safer and more accepting schools for LGBT students. Support her and all of America’s students by taking part in the Safe Schools for Everyone weekend!


  • Cam

    Good for her! I hope constance heads to college, finds what she wants to do and leads one hell of a happy sucessful life.

  • terrwill

    Wanda did her good deed also……Constance was on Wanda Saturday night and was asked if she had any plans for April 17th. She replied no, Wanda advised she was getting an award at the GLADD awards and the recipient had the choice of whom was to present the award. Wanda chose Constance and invited her and her girlfriend to be her guests out to LA for the awards….

    Its nice to see the Mother instinct come out in our Lesbian sisters to protect our young…………

  • Sean

    @terrwill: “Its nice to see the Mother instinct come out in our Lesbian sisters to protect our young…………”

    That made my heart smile.

  • Chris

    15 years from now, people will remember Constance McMillen’s name, but they won’t remember any of the names of the people who tried to hold her back.

  • Joey

    @terrwill: Ditto Darling. You’re a doll! Sending you long distance Huggs and Kisses from New England!

  • jeffree

    I hope the scholarship is for OUT OF STATE tuition ;-D

    YEA Wanda and Ellen!

    Constance is a hero 2, for not backing down to haters & narrowminded people.

  • John




  • Athiest

    Super. . .30K for education says so much. . .

    now I’m off to check out that tonic thingy.

  • jeffree

    did HRC or GLAAD offer Constance a scholarship? no, Ellen did. Wanda S chose Constance to give a speech. Did any political organization do this?? No they did not.

    Think about that!! Ellen speaks out during daytime tv so moms across the USA learned about the real meaning of pride &of charity & of kindness & human rights!

  • alan brickman

    is the prom still on? what about the other kids?….

  • alan brickman

    are the other kids who had no problem with her attending having a prom or a scholarship?….

  • terrwill

    @jeffree: Ellen does more for Gay acceptance in middle America than any Gay org can ever dream of doing…She is a good soul who has a great sense of humor, is a great interviewer, is not afraid to make fun of herself (ever see her dance? : p) She is accepted as a great entertainer who happens Gay

    @alan brickman: I don’t think the other kids have recieved death threats and had to change their phone numbers, or had their Parents work places recieve bomb threats………

    Can’t the Bitter Old Queens for once on these damm threads let a story have a happy freaking ending???????????

  • Shaniqua

    Damn…Dad is HOT!

  • ChrisM

    This is awesome. Hopefully gay students/teens in other less tolerable places will draw inspiration from Constance’s story, and stand up to the hate they encounter. They should know they deserve better, but unfortunately it often has to be told to them.

  • alan brickman

    Haha …it’s “terrwill” again…go back to mocking the hawt guys on Morning goods…cause if that doesn’t sound bitter, queeny, fat and bald…what does?….

  • alan brickman

    I’m more curious to know who the school board members are?…..arn’t you?…

  • alan brickman

    Hopefully there be a time when being gay doesn’t really matter and you can go to the prom with whover you want…and men can kiss with out it being thought of as funny. Constance is just “Milking” the situation…not helping or advancing it…

  • terrwill

    @alan brickman: Pretty interesting comment…..”cause if that doesn’t sound bitter, queeny, fat and bald…what does?” whom are you refering to??? Since not one of those adjectives applies to me, one would assume you are giving all the Queerty posters some insight into yourself???

    I get such a kick out of some of the BOQs who post on these threads. Instead of responding with a dialouge about the current thread, they regress back to 3rd grade and feel the need to start spewing juvinile personal insults……..

  • Ricky

    Terrwill, I think the word you should use that best sums up what you are trying to say in regard to brickman’s comments is “projection”.

    have a wonderful day.

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