Construction Worker Cuts Loose with ‘Single Ladies’ Dance

We will have to hire this Brickie for some lunch time entertainment!!!

Posted by Next Gen Building Solutions on Thursday, March 5, 2015

Congratulations to Australia for producing this alluring video of a bricklayer dancing to “Single Ladies.” It feels like it’s been decades since the song came out, and we’ve seen every possible permutation of people doing the famous dance. And yet, just when you think there’s no possible new way to do “Single Ladies,” along comes a buff tanned construction worker in cute boots to surprise you.

Well done, Internet. You have pleased us for another day.

The video was shared, appropriately enough, by the dancer’s coworker to a Facebook group called “crap bricklaying.” As mortar work goes, the dance is indeed unsatisfactory. Not a single wall went up for the duration of the dance. And yet we’re willing to allow it.

Apparently the dance dates back to mid-February, but it’s only just caught on now. According to coworkers, Theppo practices a different dance for a week beforehand and then performs for his coworkers on Friday. Can we request the turkey dance from Promises, Promises?

Meanwhile, here he is doing “Billie Jean”:

And an alternate “Single Ladies”: