Contest: Shirts Off Our Backs Winner

We are still shocked at how many Gama Go contest entries we received. So many that we have yet to even respond. Don’t worry your pretty little heads. We will get to it. Eventually.

The entries ranged from ½ naked torso shots to funny stories. While we loved everyone’s entries, especially the ½ naked torso shots, there were two that stood out.

The winners are Andrew Buko and Daniel S. Gonzales. Here is why they won.

Andrew wrote “Whenever I get drunk around people I don’t know that well, I end up putting my feet behind my head or doing other contortionist things to break the ice. See attached five photos from five different occasions, in three different countries. Please Note: I am 6’4″.” Sounds like our kind of friend.

Buko Butt

Daniel went for a different approach. He made a movie. One question though, is that a bottle of poppers in the opening scene?

We have another contest starting this afternoon. Take inspiration from these guys and perhaps you will win too.

Daniel’s movie and Andrew’s other pics after the jump. And turn the volume down if at work, there is sound in the movie file.






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