Contest: The Shirts Off Our Backs

Gama Go

Queerty headquarters received a box of shirts from one of favorite clothing companies Gama Go over the weekend. Rather than hoard them all for ourselves we are going to share with you, our fashionable and fabulous friends.

We have some T-shirts, sized large, to give away. No we do not have any extra small sizes. The shirts are cut on the smaller size so deal with it Mary. Besides, we are over the too-tight shirt look anyway. You may ask how do I win one of these great shirts?

Email us
and tell us why you are deserving of the shirt more than the next gay. Do you volunteer? Are you a good friend? Do you have a rock hard chest that will fill the shirt in all the right places? Let us know, and hell, send us a pic if you want.

Winners will be notified on Friday. So hurry up!