Fox New has apologized for trashing trans America’s Next Top Model contestant Isis: “…We aired a segment about a transgender by the name of Isis, who will compete in the upcoming season of the television show America’s Next Top Model. The group GLAAD, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation sent us an email saying it was offensive. That was not our intention. We apologize.” [GLAAD]

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  • An Other Greek

    only community leads apology in verbal harlotry.


  • Bean

    Huh. I don’t believe for a second that they mean it, but I didn’t expect to see even a false apology. I figured they’d just ignore all the letters/calls/whatever.

  • suomichris

    My favorite is the “a transgender.” Cause, you know, the Jew totally doesn’t control the media, and the Asian isn’t good at math.

    What I would like to know is, how did Fox News end up inventing a time machine, and why are they keeping it to themselves? Are they somehow involved in ‘Mad Men’?

  • ajax

    This is the best GLAAD could get from Fox? “That was not our intention. We apologize.”? Apologize for what? That Fox can’t manage to produce a program that matches their intentions? What actually were their intentions?

    Please. GLAAD, you did more harm than good. Now, Fox can claim that they took the moral high road when, in fact, this apology is nothing more than carefully worded snark. Isis deserves better.

  • Al

    What more did you expect from FOX News, gays?

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