Controversy At The ‘HX’ Awards


Master dirt-digger Michael Musto has really delivered with his coverage of the HX Awards this week in New York. Some of our favorite gay tidbits:

Zulema Griffin of Project Runway: Season 2 revealed that she is a lesbian and that the producers wouldn’t let her talk about it! Imagine that, considering all the gayness permeating every stitch of that show. It makes us think she is lying. She did prove herself to be one cunning lady.

• According to Big Brother evictee Will Wikle (who is domestic life partners with Logo anchorman Jason Bellini), Cyndi Lauper is trying to set her son up with Madonna‘s daughter Lourdes for an inexplicable reason.

• Venerable drag queen Hedda Lettuce got booed after making a bad joke about Kevin Aviance and his wired-shut mouth.

• And finally, in the desperation category: porn director/media whore Michael Lucas showed just how badly he wanted attention by talking about how he sucked penises to acquire all the jewelry he was wearing. Yawn.

We can’t say that we wish we were there, but we thank Mr. Musto for making us feel 400% more homosexual just by reading his column this week.

La Dolce Musto [Village Voice]