Bad Sign

Convenience Store Owner Uses A Homophobic Sign To Get His Patrons To Pull Their Pants Up

Anil Patel got so tired of the patrons of his Georgia convenience store walking around “sagging” (i.e. guys walking around with their asses hanging out of their pants) that he decided to do something about it and got all homophobic in the process.

WSBTV is reporting that some patrons are upset at Patel’s sign, which states ever so subtly that “Only fags like to keep their pants down!!!!  Pull your pants up or be proud to be fag!!!!”

With another customer casually dropping the slur in an interview, the owner’s hilarious response, the customer at 1:35 sagging (and revealing a nice butt in the process), and the lesbian clerk who supports the sign, WSBTV’s news report is 2:26 of WTF viral-video deliciousness.

We’re sure there’s something here to be offended by, but we were laughing so hard we forgot what it was.