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Convenience Store Owner Uses A Homophobic Sign To Get His Patrons To Pull Their Pants Up

Anil Patel got so tired of the patrons of his Georgia convenience store walking around “sagging” (i.e. guys walking around with their asses hanging out of their pants) that he decided to do something about it and got all homophobic in the process.

WSBTV is reporting that some patrons are upset at Patel’s sign, which states ever so subtly that “Only fags like to keep their pants down!!!!  Pull your pants up or be proud to be fag!!!!”

With another customer casually dropping the slur in an interview, the owner’s hilarious response, the customer at 1:35 sagging (and revealing a nice butt in the process), and the lesbian clerk who supports the sign, WSBTV’s news report is 2:26 of WTF viral-video deliciousness.

We’re sure there’s something here to be offended by, but we were laughing so hard we forgot what it was.


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  • Mr. E. Jones

    The only people I’ve seen “sagging” are, shall we say, “non-whites”. I find it amusing that this Paki decided not to use another slur to describe those people, but chose a gay slur instead.

  • Texasteacher

    I may not want to see everyone’s bottom, but I also don’t want to hear them talk out of it either! Although I don’t think that sagging trousers compliment a man’s physique, it’s not a smart business move to insult one’s customers. Pick your fights, convenience store owner!

  • ErganeFlood

    *sigh* I shouldn’t have to mention that there are plenty of white and asian and latino and arabic and african — just about all kinds of guys you can think of. Perhaps I am not living in the country like you, Mr. E. Jones, so I’m used to diversity and not any one “look” being about a certain race of people.

    Personally, I don’t always mind sagging pants… I DO wanna see your butt and I don’t mind of ya dick flop out, too. Whatever. I am not going to sit here and act like I do not completely check these fellas out. I’m a man and I like men and if you are showing it, I’m looking at it.

    But then, I live in a city… and these guys… they don’t mind an appraising eye.

    God, I love Seattle!

  • Alan down in Florida

    Heck if 95% of the men knew that wearing their pants like that had its origins in prisons where it was how prisoners who were willing to get anal sex made that preference known you can bet they’d be wearing their pants up around their pecs.

  • hotshot70

    Correct Alan. It was a symbol in prison they were bottoms. The lower the pants, the more they wanted to get “bred”. How about next time someone has baggy pants like that, we start dry humping them! lol

  • AnitaMann

    @Alan down in Florida: Way to spread homophobia and misinformation. Kudos.

  • AnitaMann

    @hotshot70: Congrats. Spreading homophobia and misinformation. Good job.

  • Sebizzar

    Um… people still sag?

  • Mezaien

    The Store Owner is from India, and we all know what India, is like! send them back to India.

  • BrianZ

    @AnitaMann: well, the internet provides quite a few reputable sources that indicate the practice does indeed originate from prison settings, although not all agree it also could be used to indicate sexual availability.

    If you have some incredibly insightful source of information to contradict this assertion, I am sure we would all love to see it.

  • yupwhatever

    Thank you AnitaMann!

    From my understanding the whole thing started from when prisoners were not allowed to have any belts, thus the pants would sag. Who knows, maybe overtime it turned into a prison sex thing. Who knows and honestly, who cares? This whole saggy pants = anal sex feeds on homophobia, particularly among young males. You know, pull your pants up because people will think you’re gay, since that is SUCH a bad thing. That’s the real reason why that piece of crap gas station owner made that sign with the gay slurs.

  • Blackceo

    @Mr. E. Jones:

    The only people I’ve seen “sagging” are, shall we say, “non-whites”.

    Then you need to get out more because while the majority of saggers I’ve seen are “non-whites”, I’ve seen some white boys doing it and I believe Queerty has even shown some celebrity white saggers (Justin Bieber, Zac Efron). There’s even a Facebook page called White Boys Sagging. I usually see it among the white skater kids but thats not the only types of white guys I’ve seen it on. I don’t care for it but I must admit when I see one wearin some boxer briefs or tighty whities and got a phatty I give him a pass just because its pleasing to my eyes at the moment. However, if I ever left the house looking like that my mother would slap me one way and my father the other. Around the house my boyfriend sags a bit but he knows not to do that shit with me in public. One of my exes did it too, and he was white.

  • Faggot

    Sagging. Snopes on the wearing baggy jeans below the ass urban legend:

    “The practice, which DID begin in prisons, worked its way from the hoosegow into hip hop culture. It was adopted by a variety of rap artists, such as Ice-T and Too Short, which enhanced its perceived tough-guy cachet.


    While sagging did gain its start in the US prison system, it was not a clothes-wearing style authored by imprisoned homosexuals intent upon advertising their interest in casual flings. Sagging pants became the behind-the-bars thing thanks to ill-fitting prison-issue garb: some of those incarcerated were provided with clothing a few sizes too large. That oversizing, coupled with the lack of belts in the big house, led to a great number of jailbirds whose pants were falling off their arses. (Belts are not permitted in most correctional facilities because all too often the lifeless bodies of their inmate owners have been found hanging from them.


    Sagging has another rumored origin (also false), one less well-traveled than the “gay inmates advertising for sex” postulation…
    The most intriguing aspect of the “trolling for gay sex” rumor lies not in its veracity, but in its acceptance as gospel by those who encounter it and who are then moved to pass it along to others. While the combination of two facts
    (homosexuality in prison and falling-down pants worn by inmates) accounts for the origin of the belief that links the one to the other, its spread is attributable to the prevailing dislike of the fashion.”

    @Ergane, while other wannabe groups tend to mimic this fashion, its start as a “fashion” began among black males who are the ones who we see overhwhelmingly sporting this “style” more than any other ethnic or racial group (and I live in a much bigger city than you do where there this is a large black population; in Seattle that population is negligible).

    This is certainly not a gay men’s style. Yet this foolish Indian man is preying on black people’s homophobia.

    Barack commented on sagging on MTV in 2008 during his re-election campaign: “Brothers should pull up their pants. You are walking by your mother, your grandmother, your underwear is showing. What’s wrong with that? Come on. Some people might not want to see your underwear. I’m one of them.”

    Barack’s comment was directed, obviously, to the black male population. Therefore, the sign in that convenience store (and the bumper stickers) in Georgia should use the n*word slur instead of fag. Sagging has nothing to do with homosexuality.

    BTW, sagging among black urban youth is already out of fashion.

    P.S. I am posting this again, since it was flagged before (see below) because the N word is (apparently) censored on QUEERTY. It’s interesting to see that we can use the F word (see my handle and use of abbreviated term in this article and in readers’ comments), but not the N word, even when we are using it in an appropriate and productive discussion and not directing it to anyone as offensive or incendiary language. Therefore, people in small towns like LaGrange, Georgia and the rest of North America know it’s still okay to use the F word, but cannot use the N word. QUEERTY, by way of act of censorship, then, is also complicit in this heinous act of bias.

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation. Our system might have erroneously auto-flagged your comment as spam; if so, we’ll fix it quickly. Or maybe you previously abused your commenting privileges, violated our Comments Policy, included a link to a known SPAM/harmful site, posted comments that detracted from the conversation, or have been repeatedly flagged by other users for being a jerk — in which case we won’t publish your comment.”

  • Faggot

    @Mr. E. Jones:

    “The only people I’ve seen “sagging” are, shall we say, “non-whites”. I find it amusing that this Paki decided not to use another slur to describe those people, but chose a gay slur instead.”

    Patel is a common Indian surname primarily found among the Hindu population. Pakistanis are usually Muslim. Paki, BTW, is an ethnic slur and has been documented as offensive since the 1960s. Calling an Indian a Paki is actually worse than calling someone from Pakistan one!

    Again, it’s interesting that we can write Paki here, but not use the N word. One should not flag you to get your comments removed Mr. Jones, because we could actually use these opportunities to learn.

  • Throbert McGee

    I think it’s just possible that Anil Patel was using [email protected] in the Southparkian sense of “any douchebag whose behavior is just as annoying as that of loud, obnoxious Harley-Davidson riders.”

    So, if you want to blame anyone, blame those irresponsible cads Trey Parker and Matt Stone for misleading Mr. Patel (whose native language might not be English — although in the video, he certainly didn’t have a strong accent).

    And kudos to the gay woman in the video who supported the sign and realized that it wasn’t a homophobic attack.

  • yupwhatever

    “I think it’s just possible that Anil Patel was using [email protected] in the Southparkian sense of “any douchebag whose behavior is just as annoying as that of loud, obnoxious Harley-Davidson riders.”

    Uh, no.

    “And kudos to the gay woman in the video who supported the sign and realized that it wasn’t a homophobic attack.”

    She didn’t have a problem with the sign because it was directed at men, not women. I’m sure if he posted a sign referring to certain kinds of women as “dykes” or “whores”, then she would have a major problem with that.

  • Faggot

    @yupwhatever: Well, at least YOU get it (as do most people, gay men or not).

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