Conversion Group NARTH Admits Half Of Its Clients Are Teenagers

Truth Wins Out picked up on Voices of Change, a new website launched by the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) and People Can Change (PCC). On it, NARTH co-founder Dr. Joseph Nicolosi reveals half of the people he swindles with his quack “cure” are minors.

“We are getting more an more teenagers coming to our clinic,” said NARTH’s Dr. Joseph Nicolosi. “Years ago when I did this work, the average age of our clients was late 20?s and early 30?s…Today, I would say that 50-percent of the clients at our clinic, and we have 135 ongoing cases a week. We have seven therapists that only deal with homosexuality. Fifty percent are teenagers.”

In the video, Nicolosi has some interesting advice for impressionable teens who may be confused about their sexuality:

“I would say to a teenager, do not label yourself. I don’t care if you have these feelings, attractions or act out, don’t label yourself gay because that seals your identity, shuts off your options. Be open, experience, think, feel, reflect, learn. And you will see that your heterosexual potential is underneath.”

Right, so don’t label yourself… unless that label is “heterosexual.”

Be who you are.

Be proud.

You are fine just the way you are.

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  • 2eo

    What is it with people who hate homosexuality and preying on children, there’s a link there, sick depraved minds are drawn to the same things, children.

    Sickening. These people should be in jail.

  • MK Ultra

    So 50% of the people they sexually abuse and molest are children?
    Absolutely shocking!
    I would have thought it would be closer to 90%!
    I mean, let’s be serious here. Ex gay = pedophile. These ex gay “clinics” are really pedophile havens.
    They have all the access to young boys that they want. They know they can pass off sexual molestation as “curing” an innocent of their homosexuality.
    Not only should “ex-gay” pedophiles be put behind bars. The parents of children who send their kids to these perverts should be thrown in along side them.
    Throw the gawd damned book at them!

  • redcarpet

    NARTH is an organization that makes its money on child abuse. Plain and simple.

  • Taliaferro

    Thank the gods that California at least has had the wisdom to end this sort of tragedy. Try as I might, I cannot understand why someone’ sexuality is so threatening to others and creates such rabid hatred. For a group such as NARTH to prey on adolescents who have enough problems learning about life and who they are is obscene.

  • erikwm

    They say they’ll pray for you. What they really mean is they’ll prey upon you.

  • Billysees

    I bet there are “big bucks” to be made by what they’re doing.

    That’s why they’re doing it. There is no other intent.

    What does the Book say (paraphrase mine) ? — “the love of money is responsible for worthlessness and evil in this world”.

    Some advice for these people — Proverbs says, “don’t strive to be rich, have the wisdom to show restraint”.

  • Jean

    The Southern Poverty Law Center has an excellent article (intelligence report) analyzing Dr. Nicholosi’s hate group Narth.

    It shows how they have converted their hate and revulsion of homosexuality into a pseudo science.

    I hope that the court considering the new law banning this abuse will uphold it.

    Then it can be implemented in NY, NJ, ILL, Ore, Mass, Wis, WA, HI etc and eventually put these evil quacks out of business.

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