'Cooking With Drag Queens' Has Reached its Crowdfunding Goal

Cooking With Drag Queens Feast of Fun Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign
Image Credit: FeastOfFun.com

With less than two days remaining for their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, Feast of Fun’s ‘Cooking With Drag Queens‘ has climbed more than $2,000 above its $12,000 goal. This means that, after releasing dozens of testimonial videos from some of the biggest drag names from the American drag scene, the campaign has officially been funded!

In the campaign video, they state that any extra money that comes beyond their goal will go towards making more episodes. It’s not too late to support this campaign and make it even bigger and better! Plus, if you donate at least $25 you can receive a variety of different swag items, from tote bags, DVDs, t-shirts, art by Chad Sell and so much more!

So sizzle that wok on over to Kickstarter and empty your pockets, hunty!