Coop Gets Suited For Shower Duty

Everyone knows want to see Anderson Cooper‘s penis. Even Anderson Cooper knows you want to see his penis. But don’t be thinking you’ll get the money shot in the gym showers. Gossip monger Janet Charlton “reports” on the the CNN anchors short-inducing shyness – or is it ego?

Anderson Cooper is the talk of the Equinox gym where he works out in the Time Warner Center in New York city. Naturally the sexually ambiguous “silver fox” attracts a lot of attention from both sexes so he takes precautions. Everyone knows camera phones are easy to smuggle anywhere, so sensible Anderson reportedly showers IN HIS UNDERWEAR. Boxer briefs, to be exact.

That’s so silly.

Come on, Cooper, you’re a smart kid. Why are you showering in undies? Wouldn’t a bathing suit make a far more sensible option? Although, then you’d have to change into it and someone may get a glimpse of your willy. Unless you exercised in the swimsuit, but that would probably leading to chafing. And possibly crotch rot. A speedo wouldn’t, though. Think about it. In the meantime, rest assured millions of people now know what kind of drawers you wear. Their twisted imaginations just jumped one step closer to that private penis of yours.

(Via those quickie loving queers over at Popnography. Word.)