Coop Slips, Slides, Gets Naked!

We’re not sure if this is good news or bad news, but Anderson Cooper does not – we repeat, does not – shower in his boxer briefs. That’s right – all that excitement over yesterday’s “news” that the CNN anchor and his penis fear documentation, a phobia which leads him to keep a lid on his sexual source. A source “close” to Towleroad, however, claims it just ain’t true. Old Andy pants writes:

In the interest of correcting this claim, a source close to Towleroad who is also a member at the Time Warner Center Equinox gym and has seen Mr. Cooper in action reports that he does not shower in his underwear, but that he is one of those “towel wrap, slip the undies down underneath” kind of guys.

Oh, Coop! You’re so clever. And you multitask with ease: you have to hold the towel and shimmy your jimmy free. That a boy(s)!