Cop Celebrates Pittsburgh Pride By Punching Lady

pittsburgh pride assaultHere’s a disturbing video of a lady lurching around as a police officer punches her at Pittsburgh Pride.

It’s hard to tell from the video what’s going on. Presumably the cop didn’t just walk up to a random person and assault them for no reason.

According to police, the woman was fighting with another guy, and about 50 people had gathered around them. The officer reported that when he tried to break up the fight, the woman punched him.

And allegedly, that wasn’t the officer’s first run-in with that woman. Earlier in the day, he says, he had to warn her “not to be so physically offensive” with other people.

So it’s kind of hard to say who’s in the wrong here. Was this woman picking fights with people and assaulting a cop who tried to calm things down? Or is this a cop who was looking for an opportunity to hit a woman in the chest?

Either way, it probably could have been worse. In Detroit, a guy at Pride was beaten up by a group of men shouting homophobic slurs.


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  • Stache99

    It looks bad but I’d have to see what happened to caused the incident.

  • jar

    Wow, queerty, you’ve gone out of the way to misinform on this incident. The “other people” you mention apparently were people demonstrating the pride event, not random watchers or attendees. You also fail to mention that the mayor has called for an investigation of the incident, the officer has been suspended for his actions, and a local gay rights organization has stepped in to offer support to this woman. I found all of this through a simple google search. So, is it basic incompetence or an attempt to spin this in a negative manner? Either way, the author and the site should be ashamed.

  • Nowuvedoneit

    I have to see what happened, it’s to easy to pass judgment without knowing the whole story. A few seconds of video is not a lot to go by, even going by what the link that Queerty provided the woman is in jail for various charges.

  • jar

    @Nowuvedoneit: You do realize that charging someone is meaningless, right? Are you also aware that cops frequently charge people with crimes with no basis, right? What matters are charges that are actually brought to trial. There is a significant difference between crimes alleged and charged (especially when based solely upon the testimony of a PO) and prosecutions?

    Am I interested to know what possible justifications you can envision for dragging a citizen by the hair and repeatedly punching her in the chest. Do you think this is standard police procedure? Do you think citizens should be subjected to this kind of behavior by law enforcement officers? Even if she did punch the officer, as he claims (along with a number of other inconsistent statements), that does not give him the right to engage in a street fight- at least not as long as the constitution is still operative.

  • Nowuvedoneit

    @jar: I’m not justifying anything other than what has been said. I am reserving judgment till more evidence can be presented. We also have a thing innocent till proven guilty and that applies to both parties involved.

  • Bjk

    Why do you use the sexist term “lady”? She is, undoubtedly, a woman, what automatically makes her a “lady”? I cannot recall you ever referring to a man as a “gentleman”. Why the double standard?

  • Shannon1981

    I hate the police. They are not to be trusted. I hope the cop loses his badge and the woman is out of jail posthaste.

  • Sumidagawa

    Why has Queerty disabled comments on TWO articles on Israel in the same day? Scared of the criticism much?

  • litper

    The cop is a religious nazi. This is anti-gay hate crime!

  • lcandela123

    @Nowuvedoneit: I think you are being purposely naive. Why are you doing that?

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