Cop Celebrates Pittsburgh Pride By Punching Lady

pittsburgh pride assaultHere’s a disturbing video of a lady lurching around as a police officer punches her at Pittsburgh Pride.

It’s hard to tell from the video what’s going on. Presumably the cop didn’t just walk up to a random person and assault them for no reason.

According to police, the woman was fighting with another guy, and about 50 people had gathered around them. The officer reported that when he tried to break up the fight, the woman punched him.

And allegedly, that wasn’t the officer’s first run-in with that woman. Earlier in the day, he says, he had to warn her “not to be so physically offensive” with other people.

So it’s kind of hard to say who’s in the wrong here. Was this woman picking fights with people and assaulting a cop who tried to calm things down? Or is this a cop who was looking for an opportunity to hit a woman in the chest?

Either way, it probably could have been worse. In Detroit, a guy at Pride was beaten up by a group of men shouting homophobic slurs.