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Cop Who Raided Palm Springs Public Park Referred to Cruiser As a ‘Cocksucker,’ Get It?!

When Palm Springs police officers conducted a sweep of the Warm Sands public park last summer, they didn’t just pick up 24 alleged cruisers. They also netted themselves a lovely controversy where undercover cops are recorded calling their soon-to-be suspects “cocksuckers.”

It’s got Police Chief David Dominguez (pictured) launching an internal investigation of at least one officer’s behavior, which was caught on videotape and made public Monday during pre-trial hearings for several of the arrested men. On the tape, the other officer in the car can be overheard laughing at the remark because, haha, COCKSUCKERS! WE’RE GONNA GET ‘EM!

Dominguez’s office released a statement reading, “The Palm Springs Police Department has reviewed videotapes made during the undercover operation and determined that an inappropriate comment was made. [The comment] in no way reflects the policy of the Palm Springs Police Department.”

Of course that’s not the only controversy surrounding the public park sweep: A supposed “backroom” deal between the police and the district attorney to get the cruisers registered as sex offenders has the public defender’s office and gay advocates outraged. Under the misdemeanor charges each of the 24 men face, convictions would force them into a police-only database of sex offenders.