the m-word

Copenhagen’s Sneaky Way of Securing Gay Marriage


Way back in 1989, Denmark legalized civil unions for gays. Yes, twenty years ago! And while they enjoy many of the same rights and miseries as straight married couples (they can adopt! they can inherit! and in the 90s, lesbians were allowed to artificially inseminate!), they still don’t have the M-word. No big deal?

Of course it is. Which is why “a majority of Copenhagen City Councillors are backing a proposal to allow homosexual couples to be declared ‘married’ when they enter civil unions at City Hall,” reports the Copenhagen Post. Right now when The Gays get hitched at City Hall, they’re declared “registered partners.” That’s not so sexy.

Denmark’s opponents of gay marriage, wherever they are, will argue this is just a loophole to secure full marriage rights for gays there. Which, well, duh.

Except: It appears any change in wording would apply only to Copenhagen, and not all of Denmark.