Elephant Man's Toronto Appearance Monitored

Coppers Listening To Anti-Gay Artist

Elephant Man better watch his mouth. The famously anti-gay singer – born O’Neil Bryan – will be performing in Toronto Friday. And police are going to be listening to every line:

Toronto police will monitor [Elepant Man] after receiving complaints that the performer incites anti-gay violence through his music.

“Their lyrics, in my opinion, do tend to step over the line in regards to hate propaganda and advocating harm to one of the identified groups,” said Det. Gary McQueen, of the hate crimes unit.

A spokeman for Bryan’s Toronto host, The Kool Haus on Queens Quay, also condemned the singers’ anti-gay lyrics but said its hands were tied because of contractual agreements with both performers.

“I am a million per cent against lyrics that promote hatred against gays and lesbians, women, religions and races,” Kool Haus CEO Charles Khabouth said… “Had I been aware of the nature of the lyrics, I wouldn’t have allowed the booking.”

The Stop Murder Music campaign spearheaded the action, as they did in Brooklyn earlier this year.